Arizona Law Says Lack of Foreskin Acceptable Proof of Citizenship

Part of the controversial Arizona birther bill passed on Wednesday makes a certificate of circumcision (given to parent of a Jewish child after the religiously significant procedure is performed) acceptable proof of American citizenship for presidential candidates. While candidates won’t be asked to “whip it out” in the State House, a documented circumcision will join a verified Christian baptism, postpartum hospital records and long-form birth certificiates as proof that candidates are indeed Americans.

Governor Brewer of Arizona has not taken a public stand on the bill, and will now have five days to sign or veto it before the law is automatically enacted. 

There is likely to be much public debate over the bill, which seems to be validating the possession of a penis and/or demonstrable Judeo-Christian upbringing as preferrable characteristics of presidential candidates. Not to mention the fact that neither a certificate of circumcision nor baptismal record are in any way legal documents.

The circumcision issue is an interesting twist in the birther agenda, coming at a time when the humaneness of male circumcision–both in the U.S. and abroad– is under hot debate.  One might question if the radical birthers are now not only trying to shape the definition of who makes a viable U.S. president, but also what makes an American penis.

Sign the petition for Governor Brewer to veto this bill here.

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Sian R.
Sian R4 years ago

Joseph L & co. - go get a brain.
Or, better still, read the article instead of just the headline before commenting.

(MInd you, it wouldn't be the first time Care2 has put up a sensationalist and misleading headline.)

LMj Sunshine


LMj Sunshine


LMj Sunshine


Joe D.
Joe DeLory5 years ago

The article stated that no candidate will be asked to "whip it out". Politicians don't need to whip it out to accomplish their goal of screwing the public.

Kerry Watkins
Kerry Watkins5 years ago

Just had this chat. So when a cop pulls a male over, it'll be, "license, registration, and penis, please." (all due credit the Sherri)

Deborah L.
Deborah L5 years ago

they tried that last year and Jan Brewer, due to the media exposure stopped it from going through last year and now it's back. why is the overly obsessed republican tea party still invading peoples private parts. it is none of their business what goes on inside someone elses pants/panties zone. the insanity continues. thrown them out of office in November as these elected politicians think that they are sex monitors and are not doing the job they were elected to do.

if people wanted these elected public servants to inspect every second of their intimate sexual lives, they would have hired retired porn stars instead of the false political people we see in office today.

Joseph L.
Joseph L.5 years ago

This shows you how stupid and idiotic Americans have become. Listen, guys. Seriously, come on. Get a brain.

Let me just show you how completely moronic and idiotic and whatever else belittling word you can think of you are.

This whole thing has arisen because of a "birther" issue, right? You want to really prove Obama wasn't born in the US, and you want to "prove" he's "Muslim," right? You want circumcision to be some sort of badge of citizenship, right? Here. Let me enlighten you.

Circumcision is close to universal among Muslims. As a great majority of South East Asia is Muslim, even if Obama were born there as the claim goes, yes, Obama would be circumcised. So how would you "prove" he's not a citizen then?

You don't want Muslims running the country? This law ensures an open door for them. Nice going.

Additionally, according to the CDC, the infant circumcision rate has dropped from about 90% in the 80's, to about 56% today. What do you say to that?

If Brewer signs this, it will be the ultimate sign of her incompetence as a governor. It ought to strike people as odd, strange and comical that such a law has made it this far. This is Saturday Night Live material! Absolutely freaking hilarious!!!

Peter S.
Peter S5 years ago

This is obscenely stupid.

Frederick Rhodes
Frederick Rhodes6 years ago

That would make it easier for the circumcised terrorists to slip in and commit more acts of terrorism and create more American terrorists as well.