Bachmann Reacts to an 8 Year-Old Telling Her Off


Michele Bachmann, appearing on Glenn Beck’s†radio show this week, has hit out at the mother of 8 year-old Elijah, the boy who at a recent book signing†in South Carolina told Bachmann “My mommy is gay but she doesnít need any fixing.”

A video of the incident,†which you can see in our prior coverage here, soon went viral on the Internet but it has met with a heated debate over whether or not it was appropriate and whether the child was used — despite the fact that Elijah, in subsequent reports, has insisted he was not pushed or coached and that he wanted to tell Michele Bachmann his point of view. More on that below.

First, Rep. Bachmann’s reaction to the incident.

You can see the full interview here, but when Beck asked her if she is the homophobe that, he believes, people are making her out to be, she responded:

“Of course not. I believe that we love all people, I love everyone.†I donít necessarily agree with them, but I love them. Iím kind to them. Iím gracious to them because the Golden Rule is: Treat others as you would want to be treated. And that’s how I treated this young boy,†and thatís how I treated the mother.Ē

As to the particular incident, she commented: “Continually the agenda-driven community wants to climb up on my platform and make their issue my issue and paint me as someone that Iím not.”

She then added, “I think it’s shameless to use a little boy, and put that little boy forward to advance an agenda issue,” before launching into a repeat of her rhetoric on marriage equality — that gay people already have the right to marry the opposite sex partner of their choice and that anything else is just a “special” right.

While the media has been keen to hear Bachmann’s side of the story, they’ve also desired an interview with 8 year-old Elijah to discern exactly what went on: was he forced into saying what he did, or did he†genuinely want to make his feelings known?

Elijah’s mother Lora Talbot who was with him on that faithful day, insists that Elijah has grown up in an “alternative family” where these issues have resonance. As such he has been able to make his own mind up, she says, and she wasn’t going to censor him or push him when, while they were their as part of the Occupy movement for a different issue, Elijah expressed a desire to talk talk to Michele Bachmann.

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“When he saw her bus, he says, ‘I have some things I want to say to her, too.’” Talbot said. “I said, ‘OK. Well, maybe we can say them together, as mother and son.’ Well when we got to the front of the line I said, ‘You know, I’m not sure what I’m going to say. I’m not ready for this.’ So I stepped out and he pulled me back and said ‘Well I want to say something to her.’”


Lora insists neither she nor anyone else put Elijah up to approaching Bachmann and said her son has the right to express his opinion just like anyone.

“We happen to think it’s OK for an eight year old to have a voice,” she said. “I think he thinks it’s fine for them to speak up. And I think if all of these children spoke up and told these political figures exactly how it feels to be in these families, exactly how it feels to have that oppression on them, it would make a world of change.”

When Elijah was asked why he confronted hopeful Bachmann he reportedly said “Because I wanted to.”

The video of Elijah’s encounter with presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann has now been watched close to†3,414,000 times.

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silja salonen
silja salonen2 years ago

Bored with this posting

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silja salonen
silja salonen2 years ago

Please, why must I see this woman each time I open up the causes site. Enough! Her false smile gives indigestion.

silja salonen
silja salonen2 years ago

How long will this vapid woman spew nonsense?

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Jonathan Harper
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M Quann
M Q2 years ago

Good for Elijah !!

Sharon Tyson
sharon Tyson2 years ago

As the old saying goes "from the mouths of babes comes the truth". Children just tell it like it is. Michelle Bachman is behind the times. The issue of gay marriage is on its way to becoming legalized in all 50 states.

silja salonen
silja salonen3 years ago

Such vitriol ... Every one deserves love or none of us do.
I applaud mother and son, for their courage and conviction.
All of us would do well to learn from this boy.

Sarah W.
Sarah W.4 years ago

Elizabeth K. Common sense should tell you to be polite, but you obviously don't have any common sense. If my child was ever to be disrespectful to an adult there would be a punishment. Just because someone doesn't agree with homosexuality doesn't make them hateful, bigoted or stupid. It makes them NORMAL!!!!!