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Ban Oral And Anal Sex! Says Virginia’s Attorney General

Ban Oral And Anal Sex! Says Virginia’s Attorney General

Last month three judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit deemed a Virginia anti-sodomy law unconstitutional.

Now Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s Republican Attorney General and the party’s candidate for governor in November, has filed a petition asking the entire Court to revisit its decision to overturn this state law prohibiting sodomy.

But wait! Didn’t the Supreme Court in the famous Lawrence v. Texas case in 2003 hold that sodomy laws violate a person’s right to privacy?

In fact, the court’s action did not actually take the laws off the books, but rather renders them unconstitutional to be enforced. Few states have repealed the laws since then, which is why Virginia still has that prohibition on its books.

That’s how Cuccinelli is able to ask the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals to agree with him and uphold the constitutionality of Virginia’s sodomy law, which makes anal and oral sex between people of any sex a crime. (The question remains as to why Virginia’s Attorney General wants to involve himself so thoroughly in what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms.)

More details on the case involved from rawstory:

The Washington Blade reported on Wednesday that Cuccinelli’s petition, filed on March 26 calls for an en banc hearing involving all 15 judges on the court to reconsider the March 12 ruling by a three-judge panel declaring the “Crimes Against Nature” law unconstitutional.

The law, which prohibited oral and anal sex, was deemed unconstitutional in a 2005 case involving a 47-year-old defendant, William Scott MacDonald, accused of asking a 17-year-old girl to perform oral sex on him. According to Buzzfeed, despite the girl rebuffing his advances, MacDonald told authorities she did so “against his will.” MacDonald was eventually convicted of soliciting a minor in an attempt to break the sodomy law.

Virginia’s “Crimes Against Nature” statute, or sodomy law, reads:

“If any person . . . carnally knows any male or female person by the anus or by or with the mouth, or vol- untarily submits to such carnal knowledge, he or she shall be guilty of a [felony.]”

However, the three-judge panel ruled in a 2-1 decision on the MacDonald case that the law was unconstitutional, citing the Supreme Court’s 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas.

Ken Cuccinelli believes this was the wrong decision, in part because the girl was only 17.

From raw story:

“We believe the panel decision was erroneous, and that the dissent correctly concludes that the petitioner was not entitled to federal habeas corpus relief,” Gibson (a spokesperson for Cuccineli) said. “So the full court should have the opportunity to decide this matter.”

If you are familiar with Ken Cuccinelli’s past actions, you may not find this action so surprising.

Last summer the Virginia Attorney General refused to certify regulations from the Virginia Board of Health that would allow existing abortion clinics in the state to stay open.  Virginia is also one of the states with an invasive ultrasound law, meaning women in the state have to get a medically unnecessary procedure and wait 24 hours before they can get a (legal, constitutionally protected) abortion.

If you google his name, you’ll find some of these headlines: “Ken Cuccinelli’s climate-change witch hunt,” “Virginia attorney general to colleges: End gay protections,” and “After breast controversy, Cuccinelli ditches new staffer lapel pins.”

More recently, a video has surfaced in which Cuccinelli compares the anti-abortion movement to the abolitionist movement. Even some Republicans are beginning to worry about his bid for governor.

So perhaps it’s not so surprising that the Virginia Attorney General should come up with this opinion on sodomy.

However, given that the Supreme Court ruled ten years ago that gay sex is okay and has now moved on to the question of gay marriage, this appeal will probably not get too far.


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7:55AM PDT on Jul 13, 2014

Bill R. This is not your blog there are forms where people are discussing this issue.. But here stay a coward.

11:53PM PDT on Jul 12, 2014

"The corporate owners did not complain about paying for the Health Care of their individuals only paying for pills to KILL unborn children and that seems to be a problem with the Liberals on this site, they wan to use Abortion as birth Control and let the companies, or individuals that believe in the sanctity of life to pay for the killing. Sounds a little stupid if anyone were to ask me.:..........first of all, Billie, NOBODY asked you. Secondly, Hobby Lobby is NOT the topic of this discussion..........that's completely "other than" in C2 and if you need the link, anyone here will be glad to share it with you, since you seem confused by how to post your opinions about them. Thirdly, THIS discussion is about oral and anal sex in Virginia, and Hobby Lobby is based in another state and birth control has nothing to do with anal or oral sex, in fact, neither can result in a pregnancy. FOURTHLY, the prescriptions that HL refuses to pay for do not kill unborn children as until the fertilized egg is implanted on the uterine wall, it is NOT anything, and the prescriptions, even the "morning after" pill only prevent the egg from being implanted, so no pregnancy has even occurred, no fetus is there, no unborn child has even started to form.

Now, run along and eat your Jell-O like a good boy.

8:46PM PDT on Jul 12, 2014

Bill R, if you are so worried about morals, why don't you check out this thread, there are a ton of spammers telling people that they can get their husbands back if only they use spell casters? That should get your hackles up. Try telling them that spell casting is something they should not be doing, you never know, it might wake up some of those nasty demons up...if they are not sleeping after anchoring faux news, that is.

There is the link above, go and give those misguided souls some much needed direction in the right wing fundamentalist way.

They need you, Bill R. They really do!

8:43PM PDT on Jul 12, 2014

Birth control, Benghazi Bill, is not any business of the employer, it is a personal matter between the woman and her doctor.

As for abortion, that is also a woman's decision, not someone who is a CEO.

8:08PM PDT on Jul 12, 2014

Oh Bill, you are buried so deep in the right wing bullsh#t, that we can't even see your eyes.

Only a demented right winger could see a corporation FORCING their religious views (a corporation, mind you, not even a real person) into the vaginas of their female employees as a victory for "religious freedom."

Hey, Bullsh#t Bill, what about the religiouos freedom of the women here? Oh right, you conservatives don't think that women deserve any freedom, I forgot.

By the way, BB, it is a scientific FACT that none of birth control items ol' Hobby Liar was complaining about are abortionificants, that is just another lie.

By the way, your post has nothing to do with oral sex in Virginia, oh court jester of Care2.

Isn't it about time for your lime jello there, BB? Maybe the nurses will let you watch some fox news before lights out?

7:16PM PDT on Jul 12, 2014

It is interesting to listen to all the atheists come out of the wood work and grip about Americans freedoms. The only thing the Hobby Lobby court case did was stop the Government from destroying the First Amendment rights of the Corporation. The corporate owners did not complain about paying for the Health Care of their individuals only paying for pills to KILL unborn children and that seems to be a problem with the Liberals on this site, they wan to use Abortion as birth Control and let the companies, or individuals that believe in the sanctity of life to pay for the killing. Sounds a little stupid if anyone were to ask me.

5:24AM PDT on Jul 12, 2014

Conservatives remind me of an unruly haunted house in which to bluster and grouse:

Meanwhile, Benghazi Bill has yet another unrelated tidbit to growl about:

"The Hobby Lobby is not forcing their beliefs on anyone, they are just saying that their employees can afford their own contraceptive on the money they pay them for their work."

Medical issues, be they matters of birth control or anything else, including Viagra, is the business of the person getting the medication or medical process, not the employer.

Perhaps one day the U.S. will join the ranks of western nations that already have a universal health care plan and such nonsensical right wing meanderings will not ever have to take place because health care is a personal and private matter and none of any employer's business.

5:24AM PDT on Jul 12, 2014

Benghazi Bill and the conservative right wing continues to shrilly sound the trumpets of their collective battle cry with his countless conservative notches on the comment board, refusing to deal with the topical issue.

This litany continues at his will, sounding forever curmudgeonly, while the right refuses to consider common sense ~ the right wing's discontent never seems to get their fill and whenever finding out about another government Bill, the right wing awaits with baited breath to filibuster and muster. Ceaselessly, they are charging yet again as they rush and bay loudly up the hill.

On and on and on and on the closed circle of right wing frenzy goes, squeaking like a hamster wheel in endless fruit loop of discontent. The raging river of their Discontent swells and overflows its banks ...unleashing yet another loop of :

4:30AM PDT on Jul 12, 2014

Bill three things.. One: your post would served better over on that forum.

Second: Yes, one poster has already ID you as a RWNJ. Didn't take long. One post..

Third and finally: That topic has nothing to do about your favorite former State AG and his obsession with anal and oral sex.

2:08AM PDT on Jul 12, 2014

Yooo Hooo..............Bill????? Hillary doesn't work for Hobby Lobby, nor do you, and I sure don't, nor would I patronize their business. You don't pay their employees' health care, nor do I, nor do the taxpayers. Yes, if they pay for it, they probably do pass the cost on to their customers, but unless you shop there, that won't include YOU. It also has NOTHING to do with Virginia or oral or anal sex. Yup, I think we should give you a new nickname.............instead of Benghazi Bill, you are now the official C2 Clown, since you seriously have to be posting this nonsense on purpose just for laughs. Nobody could be as ignorant as you are without trying to be on purpose.

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