Batgirl Gives Ultimatum for Equal Pay (Video)

How can a 38-year-old television advertisement still be relevant? I would probably say the commercial was for a Twinkie or the awesomeness of the Beatles (celebrating 50 years now). Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with good music or a so-called pastry that might survive along with cockroaches after a nuclear war.

The ad features Batgirl swooping in to save a tied-up Batman and Robin with the ticking time-bomb! Wisely, Batgirl uses the moment to demand equal pay from Batman. At that time, women made 59 cents for every dollar a man earned at the same job. Today, women earn an average of 77 cents for every dollar. A major improvement, but not nearly enough progress after nearly a half century. We can and must do better!

Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act last week despite a majority of Senators in favor of the legislation. As Jessica Pieklo notes:

The Paycheck Fairness Act (S. 3220) would have deterred wage discrimination by closing loopholes in the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and barring retaliation against workers who disclose their wages to co-workers. Currently, employers can penalize and even fire employees for talking about their salaries.

You can sign this petition to tell the House of Representatives to support pay equal pay. Both chambers of Congress seem to have forward progress for women blocked by Republicans. Talk about a war on women!

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Judith Emerson
Judith Emerson4 years ago

I STILL LOVE THIS VID! Thanks to our lame Congress for bringin' it back into focus. Maybe someday all those white guys will be able to focus it clearly too. .....

tia pearson
tia pearson4 years ago

What about those women like me who never took maternity leave or stayed home from work (I didn't work when I had kids) because my kids were sick and I never will do these things? I am still penalized because of my sex. What about men who stay home with the kids when they are sick? Do they get paid less???

Robert G.
Robert G.4 years ago

It couldn't be woman get paid less because they typically take more maternity leave than men could it!!

John M.
John M.4 years ago


Welcome! Odd that so many people say thanks in the comments. Hope people find the video funny and positive.

Yes, the makers of the antecedent show did not think of heroes as a silly concept, as witness the Green Hornet show from the same production company. They just found Robin et al. and Wonder Woman silly.

John M.
John M.4 years ago

"No offense, but aren't the a vigilante group? What they do isn't exactly legal, which exempts them from the Federal Equal Pay Act. She can't figure this out and they want her to disarm a bomb? No wonder they got rid of Batgirl".

No. As the 1966 film made clear, they operated as fully deputized agents of the law, as also noted when the Green Hornet showed up in Gotham (the Green Hornet operated as an outlaw by contrast). If they operated as vigilantes, would the police have a spotlight to summon them?

Hille Brand
Hille Brand4 years ago

what's the shiva-clip (is this tv?) supposed to mean in this context?

Maria D'Oporto
Past Member 4 years ago

lol we still stook in the same spot guess... ;-)

Judith Emerson
Judith Emerson4 years ago

When we marched for the ERA on Mother's Day, 1980, in beautiful Chicago, women were earning 69 cents: a man's $1. The huge $$$$ crash of 2008 makes that 77 cents we've advanced to not worth 69 cents! "Oh well ........."

Yeah, that Fleetwd Mac tune is perfect for rage. :-/

James Travers
James Travers4 years ago

@ Miriam W. Being referred to as a girl rather than a woman is not necessarily condesending. My lady prefers being called my girl.
Anyway, it is difficult figuring out the Republican strategy with the things they are doing to anger women, a key voting block. It's almost as if they want to lose the White House bid. But then again I had the same thought about Democrats when they ran Dukakis.....

ii q.
g d c.4 years ago