Beyond Cute: Animal Videos Teach Humans How To Be

In the six months I’ve been writing for Care2, I’ve covered so many stories of sadness and grief about the plant, animal and human creatures in the world…but not today. Today is a good time to relax and enjoy some animal videos that also demonstrate some of the wonderful characteristics that make human life worth living: Relaxation, Wonderment, and Friendship.

A baby sunbear is captured in those blissful few moments just before sleep descends.   Eyelids drooping, s/he wants to rest but is unwilling to miss a moment of life’s excitement:

Try to keep your own eyes from widening as you watch the tarsier. This tiny nocturnal primate needs big eyes to find food in the dark, but it certainly looks as if s/he is wide-eyed with wonder.  The background music doesn’t add much, but this closeup footage  is amazing:

From the way Democrats and Republicans are carrying on, you would think that friendship among different species was impossible. Yet this badger and otter are setting a good example of what could be:

The ability to enjoy and learn from  these animals is a true gift to us all. Let’s rest, ponder and appreciate friendship today, and in 2010 redouble our efforts to protect and care for each living thing, people included, that is part of the complex web of life on earth.

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Photo Michael "Mike" L. Baird,, Creative Commons license.


Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rabout a month ago

Thank you for sharing.

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rabout a month ago

Thank you for sharing.

Eco M I A MoonWalk Again

wonderful to see a bit of nature.

Maria T.
Maria T5 years ago

Thank you

Trish R.
Trish R.6 years ago

Soo adorable, thnx !

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poepiesnoepie k.
Past Member 6 years ago

thanks for the videos.. and I'm proud to be a Filipina where PHILIPPINES is a home for these cute lil monkeys the TARSIERS...- only in the Philippines

Urszula J.
Urszula J6 years ago

Thank you for the video - it's very interesting.

Tim n Ash Black
Ash wilson7 years ago

Thank you for the videos

Matteo B.
Matteo B7 years ago

We can learn so much from animals.