Blind & Deaf Puppy: Is That You, Mom?


Among the latest heroes to join in The Great Animal Rescue Chase is Maryam Faresh, who saved a blind & deaf pup named Daisy who was living in darkness, silence and fear. After years of special care and help from the family dog Olivia, Daisy is now joyful and playful. And when she sits in her mom’s lap today, she need not wonder, “Is that you Mom?” She simply knows the touch, the smell and the energy of love that comes from the woman who saved her. Enjoy this precious story!

By Maryam Faresh of California

Daisy was born deaf and blind and we rescued her at only 3 months old. She had gone through three foster homes before finding us. Each foster home gave her up as they did not know how to communicate with her and/or the other dogs in the home rejected her because they as well did not understand her.

When we saw Daisy’s picture we knew we had torescue her. We had no idea how to raise a deaf and blind dog but we understood how stressfulbeing passed from home to home can be for a sighted and hearing dog, we couldn’t imagine the stress Daisy was under.

Daisy immediately bonded with our other rescue dog Olivia and ultimately Olivia turned into Daisy’s eyes and ears. But it would be two years before Daisywould acceptour love and touch.

We worked hard dayandnight. We had to teachDaisy how to climb stairs, swim, socialize with other dogs, people and of course potty training. We came to terms with the fact that she may never come around and that would be ok. Our job would be to supply her with a warm, safe home and continue to slowly introduce her to the world.

Look for More Great Photos of Daisy

Now, at four years old, Daisy is just like any other dog. She wakes up every morning so excited to start her day she will spin in circles on the bed until we all get up. She truly is an inspiration.See Daisy’s Photos Here. And please feel free to share your own stories and photos in The Great Animal Rescue Chase.

Daisy’s Story is Also a Childrens’ Book

“What about Daisy?” is now an inspiring and thoughtful children’s book with gorgeous illustrations.Take a peek.

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Betty Kelly
Betty Kelly3 years ago

A wonderful story.

Heather Black
Heather B3 years ago

What a beautiful story

Ana MESNER3 years ago

Thank you for amazing story

Angela Padovani
Angie P3 years ago

Nice story. Thanks for taking on a special needs dog such as Daisy.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit3 years ago

Awesome for Daisy, her loving family and her books :)

LMj Sunshine
James Merit3 years ago

Awesome for Daisy, her loving family and her books :)

Henriette Matthijssen

One Greatful dog that you came along & rescued her! Not every one is Blessed to care for a deaf & blinf animal! So pleased for both of you!

Alexandra G.
Alexandra G3 years ago

thank you for this beautiful story

Fi T.
Past Member 3 years ago

Love can always carry us through

judith mignacca
judith mignacca3 years ago

God bless those that take pity on the most defenseless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving this baby a loving home! Thank you Olivia, for being your brother's personal guide dog!