BlogHer Goes Green

Women are the leaders in social cause movements and make up over 70% of Care2′s nearly 14 million member base.  So it’s probably no surprise that we at Care2 spend a lot of time focused on how best to empower women as change agents. That’s also why we get excited when we see organizations like BlogHer taking steps to make their conferences more sustainable. 

When over 2000 bloggers, most of them women, travel to New York this weekend to attend the annual BlogHer conference, they will be there to meet, mingle and learn how to be better bloggers. But, they’ll also be learning how to be more green. The BlogHer conference organizers have made an ongoing commitment to reducing their footprint. While conferences are notorious for being heavy on the carbon footprint as people travel great distances, “face” time is important. Taking online relationships to the next level helps to build community and foster future collaborations for Good. 

Here are some of the great things Blogher will be doing this year: 

  • No plastic water bottles. Each attendee will be provided a new water bottle in their sponsor tote bag, and they will need to keep it handy for the weekend. Bloggers can either take the water bottle home with them and keep reusing it, or they can leave it at the conference to be donated to a local shelter.
  • While the organizers have done their best to only order as much food as necessary, they are also working with City Harvest to donate any leftovers. 
  • Usually at a conference, any extra swag that you don’t want to pack in your luggage winds up in the garbage can in your hotel room. BlogHer will allow attendees to either exchange unwanted items for ones they do want or to donate the items to a local shelter. 
  • Bloggers have been encouraged to bring their own utensils for eating, but those that don’t will be using utensils that are made from corn, are 100% biodegradable and also compostable. 

For those choosing not to travel to New York, BlogHer will be providing regular updates on their blog and via Twitter about what’s going on in the sessions and at the parties.
These are just a few of the things BlogHer is doing. You can check out the entire list on their website. The Blogher conference has become an important event for women in the blogosphere, so we’re pleased to see they’re taking steps to move in a sustainable direction.

Also, be sure to say hello to Cynthia Samuels, Managing Editor of Care2 Causes, who will be there representing Care2.

If you’re going to be at BlogHer ’10, leave a comment and let us know. If you aren’t able to attend BlogHer, but still want to see what the buzz is about (and connect with other women bloggers), check out the BlogHer website, where they are posting regular updates from attendees, or follow the #BlogHer hashtag on Twitter

photo credit: thanks to aunt owwee via flickr


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