Border Shooting Tied to Illegal Immigrants Under Scrutiny

Would anti-immigration activists lie about border violence as part of their campaign to pass, and then enforce, controversial anti-immigraiton laws in Arizona?

At least one Arizona sheriff’s office thinks that’s a real possibility and is reopening the investigation into a deputy’s version of how he was shot in remote desert south of Phoenix.  The move comes amid growing speculation that the incident was a hoax timed to stoke racial fires and enflame the debate over illegal immigration.

Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll told investigators that he was following a group of smugglers carrying bales of marijuana when he was ambushed by men firing AK-47 rifles.  Puroll went on to describe a shoot-out in the desert that left him grazed in the back by a bullet.

But forensic experts have concluded that the bullet would could not have occurred as he described.  According to those experts, the wound was the result of a close-contact shot, with the muzzle of the gun lying against the skin.

Add this story to the growing list of fabrications by SB 1070 supporters, including Arizona Gov. Brewer’s claim of decapitations along the border, that were to justify the law.

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Marilyn D.
6 years ago

UPDATE: OCT 7...the forensic verdict is in.
Puroll was shot, and not by himself.
These ridiculous conspiracy theories just manage to incite anger and have no basis in fact.
Shame on everyone who drank the warped koolaid!

John P.
John P.6 years ago

The whole world is intolerant and has been in that they have very controlled immigration. I love the liberal / left's stance that if you did not vote for President Obama you are a racist, and again if you just want some control over who comes and goes from this country you again are a racist, it's getting old.

Janet W.
Janet W.6 years ago

I think Brian should read before he sends his comments. That last bit - all in CAPS makes absolutely no sense.

Deborah R.
Deborah Ronstadt6 years ago

These incidents have been going on for years! We just do not see them being reported. Sadly, immigrants have been found hung by the neck by "threes in trees" in the desert - surely in the name of LAW...YES...there is investigative reporting and forensics to do here! More importantly we need laws and provisions in place that protect neighbors to the North AND the South!

There ARE safe and sensible solutions to address this issue-

1070 IS NOT THE ANSWER! We will only create more suffering and inhumane situations for people on both sides of the border - people who should be "Good Neighbors" working together for a better world.

Please join the ANTI - 1070 Rally and fundraiser at ST.AUGUSTINE PLAZA in Tucson, October 2nd.

I believe it starts around 4 or 4:30...There will be music, a silent auction - and moneys raised from activities and tickets will go to start a legal fund for our immigrant workers who get caught up in this mess - especially so they do not have to fear coming forward to report criminal activity or abusive situations.

Help make a difference against ignorance. Let's please move our country forward instead of backwards as some would have us. I hope that compassion, sensibility and "good law" will prevail to make our world a better place for generations to come...A WORLD OF PEACE!

Brian E.
Brian E.6 years ago

Please ; No country has such lacks border enforcement as the USA : Most Countries Including Mexico do not except or SERIOUSLY Limit Immigration . And that's a
FACT ! only the USA is Stupid enough to have no
Enforceable and Structured Immigration .. and you wonder
why ? we have become the Fastest Sinking Society ,
Economy , and Educational system in the World .

Frank S.
6 years ago

It appears the Arizona Dept of Public safety is at odds with the Pinal county sheriffs office. DPS says that they were asked to investigate the incident but that later they were told to only investigate the actual shooting scene. Also a recent poll by TV station Kswt about this incident states that 69% of respondents do not believe it occurred as Deputy Puroll said, vs 31% who do believe it happened as Puroll said.

HOT TOPIC: Police agency clarifies role in deputy's shooting

DPS says they've played small role in shooting investigation
by Sandra Haros/News-Talk 92.3 KTAR (September 29th, 2010 @ 4:45pm

Phil R.
Phil R.6 years ago

The immigration situation is already a charged enough debate without adding lies and tall tales to it.
There are violent crimes being perpetrated everywhere in America, by all kinds of people.

Sarah M.
Sarah M.6 years ago

It doesn't surprise me that people are this ignorant and twisted, but I really wish it wasn't so common.

Winefred M.
Winefred M.6 years ago

Too bad,the world is becoming more intolerant.

Mary L.
Mary L.6 years ago

Regardless of the truth of this incident, there is no doubt that crime and drug violence has been used against immigrants in general. We need to separate crime from immigration enforcement.

Anyone engaged in violent crime should be apprehended and incarcerated by law enforcement for public safety. Anyone engaged in non-violent crime should be charged in court and given a timely trial.

As it is, the War on Drugs has opened the door to police violence against innocent citizens as well as criminals.