BREAKING: Mayor Bloomberg Announces National Campaign Against “Stand Your Ground” Laws

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with leaders of national African-American organizations and others, today announced a national campaign to repeal “Stand Your Ground” laws that have passed in 25 states.

As Care2 reported here, Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” provision, otherwise known as “Shoot First,” is at the center of the firestorm surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

But as many concerned citizens have pointed out, 17-year-old Trayvon was only one of many homicides that have taken place under similar circumstances in the U.S.

From Bloomberg’s official announcement:

The campaign – “Second Chance on Shoot First” – will focus on convincing state legislators who have supported shoot first laws to join the growing movement to reform or repeal these dangerous laws. The National Rifle Association drafted Florida’s law in 2005 and helped enact similar versions in other states, eventually bringing the total to 25 states by 2010 and those states have seen sharp increases in justifiable homicides.

“Stand Your Ground” laws allow people who feel threatened to use deadly force—even if they have an opportunity, as Zimmerman did, to safely avoid a confrontation. The law allows use of deadly force by someone who simply feels threatened by another, even when confrontation is avoidable. Zimmerman has claimed self-defense even though Martin was unarmed.

In 2005, Florida became the first state to explicitly expand a person’s right to use deadly force for self-defense. Deadly force is justified if a person is gravely threatened, in the home or “any other place where he or she has a right to be.”

25 states have already adopted such laws despite their demonstrated danger. If you agree with Mayor Bloomberg and believe these laws are outrageous, please sign our petition telling all states to reject all “Stand Your Ground” laws before even more people are murdered for presenting imaginary threats.

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Photo Credit: Kevin J. Dotson


Robert K.
Robert K.3 years ago

Donald T.

It also leaves out all gun lovers. The love of guns is proof of penis envy.

Robert K.
Robert K.3 years ago

Lois L, what a stupid statement. Zimmerman stalked a perfectly innocent child half his size. The stand your ground does not allow the person who initiates the confrontation to use force. The fact that the judge's instructions to the jury did not include this law means that Zimmerman was NOT in jeopardy and could be retried. Anyone who is so stupid that they think Zimmerman isn't actually guilty of first degree murder which has a much higher bar to pass than second is a moron at best and may actually be an idiot (65 IQ if memory serves)

At the very least the judge should be removed from the bench and be disbarred.

Donald T.
Donald T.4 years ago

These silly stand your ground make my day laws are purely subjective to the point where saying "Hi" might be taken the wrong and cause you to be shot dead. yay. To borrow a point from the republican bozos, why do the laws not contain and element of responsibility? Having a gun should involve a high level of maturity knowledge and responsibility. oops, that leaves out the republicans.

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

A person should be able to walk down the street doing no harm to anyone without being targeted by a wanna be policeman or Rambo. Followed when Rambo was told to stand down, "Don't Follow"... then shot to death. The boy was an innocent. He would still be alive if the shooter followed the orders given to him. A person who takes the law into his own hands, and has a gun in his hand is dangerous. A mother has lost her beloved son.

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

There are three categories of race in the world. There are many ethnic groups. In the end we are all human beings that inhibit this planet.

Virginia B.
Virginia B.4 years ago

Frances C. Those whom we term "Hispanics" can be either 100% Caucasian or 100%,what we call "Indian" (i.e. indigenous inhabitants of North / Central / South America) or a mixture of the two. "Hispanic" simply refers to a person whose native language may be Spanish (I say "may be", because there are many pockets of indigenous peoples in Central and South America, who speak little or no Spanish.)

Michael C.
Michael C.4 years ago

STAND YOUR GROUND = SPONSORED MURDER, but only your victim is of color.

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

Hispanics belong to the White Race. Everyone knows that. Almost everyone!

Lois L.
Lois L.4 years ago

@Jane. B.

First of all George Zimmerman is not WHITE, he is LATINO. This is about the KILLING of one individual. Travon Martin. Travon Martin who was killed by one individual George Zimmerman
The problem is first most people don't know the facts, second, they allowed themselves to be baited by the media and jumped to the conclusion based on Zimmerman's last name that he was White.
This has nothing to do with a race war. It's sad that this young man's death is being used to re address the continuing race issues in this country. "The Stand Your Ground Law" has NOTHING to do with race.

Joan E.
Joan E.4 years ago

Not a Bloomberg fan, but I agree with him this time.