Breaking News: The End Of Shark Finning In California!


Victory for Care2 members!

Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 376, meaning the sale, possession or distribution of shark fins is banned in California.

Two Care2 Petitions Helped Win This Fight

Care2 members signed not one, but two, petitions in the fight to end shark finning, and after all that hard work, we have won!

The bill, authored by Democratic Assemblyman Paul Fong of Cupertino, had split the Asian delegation in the California Legislature. Fong said it is needed to protect endangered shark species, but others called the measure racist because the fins are used in a soup considered a delicacy in some Asian cultures.

Governor Brown: Shark Finning Is Cruel And Harmful To Our Oceans

But Governor Brown has signed the bill, and here’s an excerpt from his statement:

“The practice of cutting the fins off of living sharks and dumping them back in the ocean is not only cruel, but it harms the health of our oceans,” said Governor Brown. “Researchers estimate that some shark populations have declined by more than 90 percent, portending grave threats to our environment and commercial fishing. In the interest of future generations, I have signed this bill.”

While many countries have already banned the practice, it continues unabated in unregulated international waters. By banning the possession and sale of shark fins, California joins Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and Guam in an effort to reduce demand and protect shark populations.

The Fight Against Shark Finning Continues Around The World

The bill takes effect in January, 2012 in California, but this fight continues to gain momentum around the world. Countries from Canada to Singapore are taking steps to stop or limit the sale and trade of these fins due to the brutal practices involved in acquiring them.

Thank you so much, Care2 members, for taking action and making a real difference.

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Jude Hand
Judith Hand3 years ago

Oh yeah, thanks!

Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson4 years ago

Fantastic, thanks for sharing.

Nia M.
Nia M.4 years ago

So wonderful!!

Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege4 years ago

Great news!

Beverly G.
bev g.4 years ago


Beverly G.
bev g.4 years ago

so evil to do this to these poor creatures. whats wrong wiv these vile people.

Andrea A.
Andrea A.4 years ago

Great, thanks.

Suzanne Loewen

I voted yes in the poll. Care2's petitions can help law makers decide on these issues. I suspect that some of these disgusting practices will continue in secret but laws will greatly diminish the activity.

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S.4 years ago

Such a disgusting thing to do in the first place. It's equivalent to cutting off a person's leg and leaving them in the middle of a busy highway to bleed to death and get attacked.

Chelsea M.
Chelsea M.4 years ago