Build Your Own Solar-Powered Vehicle For Less Than $600


A student at the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore in Pakistan recently designed, built and drove a solar-powered vehicle in 18 days…and he wants you to do the same.

Farrukh Khan’s Solaron three-wheeler was built with parts of an old bike and a 40 watt photovoltaic canopy that charges the onboard 12v/80Ah dry cell solar battery. All in all, the materials cost Khan less than $600: a much friendlier price tag than most alternative-fuel vehicles on the market today.

Khan claims that the Solaron can achieve a top speed of around 20 mph (30 kph) and travel a little over 43 miles (70 km) on a single charge.

And the best part? The young inventor has posted detailed instructions for building the trike online at the popular Instructables website–making it possible for solar enthusiasts around the world to improve upon the design.

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via Gizmag

Image Credit: Farrukh Khan


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Will D.
Will D.3 years ago

Hello Mr. Khan.
I was wondering if you car goes up hill too? I mean it looks like you were going down hill all the way.

Marie W.
Marie W4 years ago

Way to go.

karen C.
karen C4 years ago

That guy JUst becaME mY new herO

Sheri P.
Sheri P5 years ago


James H.
James Hager5 years ago

good read

Jo Asprec
Jo Asprec5 years ago

Bravo Farrukh! Hooray Solaron! Let's build more solar-powered vehicles!

Farrukh K.
Farrukh K.5 years ago

*Finally decided to signup for this site*
Hi everyone!

Wow... well i'm surprised to see so many people are giving positive feedback to my project. Its really very interesting when you make something and people appreciate your hard work. Ofcourse you have face some offenses. But the best part is that you learn a lot from them! Thanks all.... Hopefully i will be doing more interesting projects like this in future. You can find me on facebook or msg. me here on care2 and give me ideas...

Farrukh Khan

Michele G.
Past Member 5 years ago

Cool :)