Businesses Ask Romney To Stop Calling Them Failing

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made the economy his number one talking point.† But not everyone being included in his campaign events wants to be a part of it.† In fact, some business are asking Romney to please leave them out of his “economic disaster” tour.

Via Talking Points Memo:

Victor Veireck, president of the local Chamber of Commerce, told TPM that Romney’s account of the site was simplistic even while he agreed with his larger assessment of the national economy. He blamed a host of factors, mostly local, but none more significant than the quake.

“There’s more to Valley Plaza than just the national situation, there were other things involved and it was not a thriving plaza before the economic collapse,” Veireck said. “It was more the earthquake that — I hate to say — shook things up.”

And contrary to Romney’s assertion that development is dead at the site, iStar is working on a new investment in the location that they plan to debut in the next several months. Nor do they sound too pleased with the area’s portrayal as a helpless victim of the economy: Sugarman’s company put out a response to Romney’s press conference pledging to turn Valley Plaza into an “economic engine” through “considerable investment in a modern, quality project” at the site. The company’s stock has shot up over the last year.

Democratic City Councilman Paul Krekorian held a counter-event at the site to slam Romney for belittling the area’s ongoing “economic revitalization.”

“For Mr. Romney, Valley Plaza is just an easy backdrop for a cheap photo op,” he said in a statement. “Even as Mr. Romney is dropping in to preen for the cameras, the new owner of Valley Plaza is hard at work preparing plans for a major new development on this site – a significant long-term investment in the bright future of North Hollywood.”

It must get harder to view Romney as an expert on the economy when he’s not even an expert on the situations involved in his own campaign events.


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Victoria M.
Past Member 6 years ago

“Even as Mr. Romney is dropping in to preen for the cameras..."

there it is.

Ernie Miller
william Miller6 years ago


Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

Just another in a long line of GOP jokes.

Patti T.
P T6 years ago

It's Hard to Imagine Romney 'Expert' on A LOT of things!!!!

Alberta Gentleman

Interesting. Thanks.

Rob K.
Rob Keenan6 years ago

Currently,Steve, I live in Western Washington. On the East side of the state ,on the Columbia River is the massive Grand Coolee Dam.Again because private business didn't have the capital for this undertaking,Federal funding was required,with which private contractors constructed the dam,creating thousands of jobs.And the water projects that resulted from this to this day provide the irrigation that allows crops to be grown in this dry region,(including hops for my favorite micro brew ales). The same with our interstate highway systems Countless jobs could still be created the same way,by creating green energy systems,and a nationwide green transportation system,that is unlikely to happen via private capital. Instead ,Steve R.,in the name of deficite reduction ,we are being transformed from a can do nation,to a can't do one,which will take us down the road to becoming just another third world country.

Hartson Doak
Hartson Doak6 years ago

If your running point is the bad economy, you have to say that it is bad. Even if what you're saying is a lie.

Devon N.
Devon N6 years ago

Steve R. - your ignorance is amazing! The United States Government is the single largest employer in this nation, and has been for over a century. I would call that successfully running a business venture. As for the government creating jobs, they do it all the time - every time one of your GOP Congresses or Presidents decides to declare war, the government creates new jobs; every time one of your greedy corporate sponsors wants money, the government creates jobs; every time one of your hack Representatives or Senators adds a pork amendment to a bill, the government creates jobs; every time the government repairs a road or plants a new forest or bails out a bank, the government creates new jobs. Unfortunately, when the corporations you love so much hold money off-shore demanding a 5% tax rate to bring it back, they do NOT create jobs, merely bankrupt an economy already struggling.

In the 1930s the government put millions of people to work and paid them fair wages on which they taxed. This pulled us far enough out of the Depression that until 1937, we were recovering - in just 4 years! But then your precious GOP got hold of Congress, demanded debt and deficit reduction (sound familiar) and sank our economy again to the point where only war would save us. So keep your rants and ignorance to yourself, or take it elsewhere.

Rob K.
Rob Keenan6 years ago

@Steve R.: "I don't know many people who would disagree that thousands of businesses are failing." I'm one who won't disagree. One reason is with unemployment high there are fewer people with sufficiant money to be consummers for other than the basics.One remedy for that is to get money into many of these peoples' pockets which brings me to another of your points.

"They should now,as we should,that government does not create jobs." In fact Steve I know through a varieties of examples that government can and often HAS created jobs,in a way that also does "create the right envirement for PRIVATE ENTERPRIZE to create jobs",as you put it. When I lived in So. California I visited Hoover Dam on the Colorado River quite often. Because private business didn't have the capital to build this dam,Federal government money was required,but private contractors were created to build the dam with those Federal dollars. Many communitees and their working citizens exist in Arizona and Nevada-including Las Vegas,as a result of that dam.

Rob K.
Rob Keenan6 years ago

Perhaps the businesses asking this of Romney don't agree with his model for business sucess: his own one time part ownership of Bain Capital,with which he defined success as buying up a business,layng off a bunch of it's employees,then selling it for a large profit. From the perspecive of the layed off workers Bain was probably a failure.The businesses making this request to Romney might also be aware that when he was Governor of Massachusetts (2003-'07),the state was 47th in job growth at a time when job growth for the entire nation was very poor.