California to Hold a Hearing on Lethal Injection

Executions have been on hold in California for more than three years since U.S. District Court Judge Jeremy Fogel declared that unless significant changes were made to the execution process, he would be forced to find the process unconstitutional.  Judge Fogel held several days of public hearings that exposed all sorts of shocking details about the incompetence of the personnel charged with carrying out the executions, including the possibility that members of the execution team were stealing small quantities of the barbiturates used for execution for personal use and that some members of the team had no idea what all three drugs used in lethal injection were or what they did. 


In response, the State of California drafted a new set of regulations for carrying out executions which they claim addresses many of the deficiencies identified by Judge Fogel.  On June 30th the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will be holding a public hearing on their newly proposed regulations for carrying out executions by lethal injection.  They are also soliciting written comments from the public on the procedures.


Death Penalty Focus, the organization for which I work, is encouraging members of the public to submit written comments on the proposed regulations and attend the public hearing in Sacramento, CA.  Aside from the fact, that we object to the death penalty as an ineffective and costly policy, we are horrified by the regulations themselves. 


In drafting the regulations, the Department of Corrections has estimated that carrying out executions will not cost them a dime and have estimated the fiscal impact of the regulations at zero; an estimation which is clearly ridiculous if you consider even a few factors such a staff time for training and carrying out executions.  What’s more, the regulations are offensive to the family of the prisoner and infringe on basic religious freedoms of the prisoner and his/her chosen spiritual advisor or prison chaplain and the first amendment rights of the media and the public (click here to read the full critique).


Death Penalty Focus and our partner organizations have declared June 30th a Day of Action to End the Death Penalty and we will be hiring buses to take our supporters from the San Francisco Bay Area to the public hearing in Sacramento. After the hearing, we will be rallying on the steps of the Capitol and sharing information with members of the State Legislature.  


For more information on the hearing, instructions for submitting comments, a sample letter, and information on the Day of Action, visit:





Photo by Death Penalty Focus.
Posted by Stefanie Faucher, Death Penalty Focus.


TERRY R.5 years ago


Doctor V.
Doctor V.6 years ago

WE DEMAND FULL DISCLOSURE AND ACCOUNTABILITY for GEOEngineering and Climate manipulation that has been going on for years!!!

Are you aware that the government admits to the deployment of aerosolized particulates of known toxicity over America for training in military applications and other purposes? Geoengineering? Climate Control?


HAARP and Beyond - Dr. Nick Begich VERY INFORMATIVE...

Jesse Ventura investigates HAARP

"I can’ t believe that people spend time on the internet arguing about “contrails versus
chemtrails” when this has been going on openly for decades. Call it what you want, the
military has been spraying us without our permission for generations."
the full article -

See the "Contrails in the Media" section near the bottom of the page... KNBC 4 in LA, the Weather Channel, PBS

Signs of toxic chemicals used to Modify Climate showing up in drinking water??? Hmmm... on KNBC 4, LA and KTVU 2, SF Bay area...

Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado6 years ago

Lehtal injection is so dreadful. I might even die of fright with the thought that any moment my heart would stop and my body disposed of in many unkown ways.

Peggi D.
Peggi D.6 years ago

Excuse me, but, did the victim of the crime have his/her rights violated when the said crime was commited? I believe so. And if that victim isn't around anymore to say so, because they are dead, then someone should speak up for them. Were they humanely killed? Were their feelings/emotions worried about, taken care of?WERE THEIR RIGHTS PROTECTED?? I think not. So, too bad. In the long run it's cheaper to carry out the execution of these criminals in a *timely* manner then letting them carry out appeal after appeal, year after year, while they get 3 meals and a roof over their head. While children and seniors are starving and going homeless, these criminals who committed horrific crimes are strutting around fat and sassy, saying my rights need to be protected. These people are costing us taxpayers big bucks, year after year, that money could be used in better places, much better ways.

Mildred Wilson
Mildred Wilson6 years ago

feel for there family, but did they feel for the family when they took a love one from them.SORRY IT TIME GO.

Mildred Wilson
Mildred Wilson6 years ago

What i have seen on the tv a prison is hell or heaven on earth.They either have it made or they don't So as a tax payer, put our money to a better use.It time they pay for the crime, a eye for eye.

Robert S.
Robert S.6 years ago

I'll bet that everyone in that picture is pro-abortion.

Deborah M.
Deborah M.6 years ago

Boy, I really agree with Mary M. Why do we always feel sorry for the criminal? What is so terrible about giving someone some drugs to put them to sleep and then stop their heart--it sounds more humane that shooting them, raping them, cutting their throat, putting a plastic bag over their head with duct tape across their nose and mouth, burying them alive??? Gee am I missing something?

Joan M.
J MASSETTI6 years ago


Rachael S.
Rachael S.6 years ago

There is no certainty that someone is guilty, we are human, we make mistakes.
We know innocent people have been executed!! We KNOW it. At least 9 or 10 since 1076. How would you feel if one of those were your family member?
There are 35 states that have the death penalty, 15 that do not. Murder rates are generally LOWER in the states that DO NOT have the death penalty.
Also since 1976 130 death row inmates (people) have been found INNOCENT prior to being executed, and were released.
It is a waste of resources, the money being thrown away on this system could be applied to schools, immunizations, preventative health care, after-school programs, public transportation, jobs, etc. There are hundreds of goof things we could have that money for.
The fact that we still allow the death penalty to continue lowers the standing of the United States in the eyes of much of the world.