Can We Move to a Post-Carbon World? VIDEO

While the climate negotiators in Cancun discuss how to limit the damage caused by our addiction to fossil fuels, this nifty video from the Post Carbon Institute reminds us how we got here, and that our dependence on oil and coal is a relatively recent phenomenon. It also demonstrates how the issues of consumerism, oil dependence, endangered biodiversity and financial collapse are interrelated:

Narrated by Richard Heinberg, educator and author of Peak Everything, the video demonstrates how in the space of three lifetimes, all aspects of our economy, including energy, transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing, have become completely dependent on fossil fuels, which are both finite in supply and dangerously polluting. In the space of three lifetimes, our society has come to teeter on the brink under the pressure of climate change, population growth and out of control consumption.

Can we learn to “live within nature’s budget of renewable resources?”  Can we get past our political and socio-economic differences and work together? From Beijing to Bangadesh, from the Capitol in Washington, DC to the climate talks in Cancun, the picture is not encouraging. Can we redesign cities, healthcare, manufacturing, and, most important, our cultural values, before it is too late?
The change can only start with us, right now.

Photo: Still from Post Carbon Institute video


Angie c.
Angie cr6 years ago

very well-done video......there is still hope!!!! let's do sth!!

Sumit jamadar
Sumit jamadar6 years ago


David N.
David N6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Craig Hemphill
Craig Hemphill6 years ago

Here is a real worry: the Chinese desert is expanding every day. The dust gets picked up in the atmosphere, and then is blown over here. Global change is taking place, but not how we have been told. Most "green" companies now a multi billion dollar enterprises. It is money not CO2 changing the earth. China is doing what we did in the 1920s-30s, and creating dust bowls and losing fertile areas.Their unfettered success will spell their own doom and our environmental problems. We can take plastics and turn them into fuel. Man made global warming is a hoax in its present form. We can't stop it or really change it. We need to learn and live with it.

Diane Beeny
Diane Beeny6 years ago

"Where there's a (common) will, there's a (common) way..."

We simply can't afford to be complacent!

Frances B.
Frances Bell6 years ago

We can all do our bit on a personal level, but will business and government "get it" until it's way too late?

Stephen Amsel
Past Member 6 years ago

I've posted before about how there is little or no evidence that CO2 is causing global warming, or that the warming is actually happening at all. Still, coal-burning releases particulates which are known to be harmful. They damage respiratory tracts. They change the albedo of glacial ice. They are believed to even damage trees. I don't know if burning oil does similar damage, but I would like to end dependence on certain oil-exporters. We really should move to alternatives like nuclear power, hydro power where possible, and I heard geothermal is also viable. Solar thermal power works too, when you need small amounts of power far from an electrical grid.

We could also focus on efficiency. For example, the AC power running through each building goes back into the grid, completing its circuit. However, I understand that normally it comes back with a phase-shift, interfering with the existing current and causing significant power-loss. Fixing that could boost efficiency immensely. As for vehicles, if we can get the general demand for electricity down, we might be able to lower its price until electric or hybrid cars become economical.

It seems there is a way to address that problem. As for population-growth, the spread of technology leads to more efficient use of land, allowing for growth. There is no problem with the population. The economy can grow too, especially with the advance of technology.

Carole Brown
Carole B6 years ago

CO2 does not cause climate change/global warming or anything else for that matter. Going back in time CO2 levels were much higher and everything thrived, better than now!
This is a scam, don`t worry about it, except for the fact we are being told lies, which you probably want to know why! The powers that be have agendas probably to create more taxes and other restrictions to control the public!

Manuela C.
Manuela C6 years ago

That a great video, loved it!

About the poll question, as much as I hope for that, I don't believe the world leaders and many many people will do what they can for that goal. I believe it will be reduced by then, significantly, but stopped? Leaning no...

Jeanie Johnson
Jeanie Johnson6 years ago

Excellent. Let's get to work!