Cantor Accuses Obama Of Class Warfare


Is asking the rich to return to the days before they received massive tax breaks in order to ensure that those who are unable to make ends meet can get health care, food, and not live on the streets “class warfare?”  It is if you are House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who complained in an op ed in the Washington Post that President Barack Obama is pushing “efforts to incite class warfare” by continuing to press for revenue raisers in the budget rather than simply gut Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and other safety net programs meant to keep the poorest, eldest and sickest of Americans off the streets.

Via Politico:

Cantor also slammed Obama for being “fueled by efforts to incite class warfare,” arguing that this is illustrated by Obama’s desire to raise taxes on individuals making over $200,000 per year and small businesses earning more than $250,00 a year.

Cantor argued that the president was driving a wedge between those making more than $200,000 a year and the rest of America, that though he talks of only millionaires having to pay their ‘fair share’, the president “insist[s] on higher taxes” because he is ideologically driven to “permanently increase the size of government.”

Have you ever noticed it’s usually the rich intent on ensuring they do not lose any wealth who start throwing around the term “class warfare?”

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

O.K., I'll just say it: I HATE CANTOR -- he's a liar, every day. It's not true about Obama, but I WISH it were. We need class warfare NOW, as the middle class, workers, poor, are screwed every day, and have been screwed for decades. We need the people to rise up.

Daryl Mae Day
Daryl Mae Day5 years ago

I agree with Ed G. and Rob K. What is it going to take to get the rest of this country to get how demented Cantor and The Wacky T's really are!

Ed Gould
Ed G5 years ago

I see Cantor represents Virginia and the idiots in Va are always on the war path about some idiotic farce. Its unlikely that he will be recalled (unfortunately). Other states have a similar burden like Ohio and one of their representatives likes to dress up in a Nazi uniform.
Since apparantly Cantor is Jewish I can't see him dressing up in the same uniform but it wouldn't surprise me if he did. I think every Jewish person who is dead would roll over in their grave if he did.

Mary Vaughn
Mary Vaughn5 years ago

Tana W.
I agree with everything you said but there is another little tidbit in the New Testament where a crowd of people were trying to trick Jesus by asking should they be required to pay taxes? He asked them for a coin and said "whose picture is on that coin", they answered "Caesar's. He replied " then render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto god that which is God's". What a shame they never seem to use this in their christian rhetoric.

Rob K.
Rob Keenan5 years ago

Since I live in the Pacific Northwest,not in Cantor's district,I can't vote for any recall against him,Deborah L.,but if the voters in his district want all I can say is "GO FOR IT!" My concern about his remarks is that my region is vulerable to natural disastors,such as flood and mudslides in the winter,wildfires this time of year,and at any time earthquakes that make Tuesday's quake on the Cantor's Fault seem like nothing.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams5 years ago

Yes it is class warfare. The richest 2% want to exterminate the bottom 20% as useless vermin. The rich including most in Congress are even more useless vermin than the bottom 20%.

Deborah L.
Deborah L5 years ago

while she was preforming on the road and this was during that postpartum meltdown she was going through where she wasn't wearing underwear and exposing herself to the paparazzi and I bet Eric had a front row seat. A week off of work(?) what work and I bet we, the taxpayers got stuck paying him too, along with the hotel rooms, food, travel expenses and other perks. And I found out after that paid escapade that Eric had to leave his job for for a whole week that he was married and had 4 kids. WHAT A PERVERT AND HYPOCRITE ERIC IS! Time to recall him as we can see he doesn't produce anything constructive for what he is paid and can further pursue the latest female tween star. Maybe Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus is available for his eyes only.

Good Christian family values you display there Eric. Now go back to that radical band of T.P.ers or maybe those at C Street and confess your sins you heartless depraved indifferent waste of oxygen on the planet.

Deborah L.
Deborah L5 years ago

Hope S: Actually, it is less than 2% that have the most money in this country and not 20%. 98% of the rest of us fall into that poorer category.

Rob K: Why wait for next year to vote him out, let the recall begin.

Since this POC is now back to holding the people who will be hit with this disaster in the coming days and as for the earthquake as well this week.

I agree, lets cut spending before we even think about allowing emergency money to the areas that will be hit by Hurricane Irene. I propose that we start by cutting all of the pay of these elected- supposed to be working for the public that votes and not the top -2% of the rich he caters to only-after all Eric Cantor is a servant to the American people and his job is a service worker job so his highest pay would be minimum wage, BUT WAIT!, he gets tips/perks from the corporations and the rich, so therefore his job is a tip job and therefore worth perhaps 2$ an hour. And take away all of their medical coverage, cars, trip and junkets, office furniture expenses, decorating expenses, food expenses, sexy "sucretaries" that tend to their other needs, C Street subsidized housing, extra yaughts, homes, toys and all of those damned ink pens that they waste when they sign anything. I do believe that Scott Walker uses 1 per per letter when signing stuff-what a waste of taxpayer money. I can find tons of cuts that should please even this prude, who took a week off of congress a few years back to follow Brittany Spears whil

Rob K.
Rob Keenan5 years ago

Cantor is in no position to make this accusation.The epecenter of the earthquake Tuesday is his disrtict .By the time the weekend is over his district will additionally been pounded by Hurricane Irene,an experience I'm familiar with from my childhood near Boston.As part of an area where up to 65million people will be impacted,Cantor's district will,along with the rest of the impacted area require Federal assistance.But Cantor is insisting this must be offset by cuts elseware. He's blackmailing the people,including in his own district,about to be impacted. I sure hope that next year this piece of human garbage is voted out of office!

Nicholas R.
Nicholas Rudolph5 years ago

This idiot must be bucking for a show on FOX to replace Glenn Beck. He woldn't know what class is if it bit him in the A@@. The only class Cantor is worried about are his rich buddies. If they ever pull their hand out of his butt and make him have an original thought, he is in big trouble. If you look up Schill in the dictionary, I am pretty sure that Cantors picture is right there between Mitt Romney and Michell Bachmann.