Cantor Disapproves Of “All or Nothing” Legislation Unless It’s All Things He Wants


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is quite displeased with President Barack Obama’s “all or nothing” approach to passing his American Jobs Act.  “I reject the all-or-nothing approach that the president has laid out,” Cantor said Friday on CNBC. “I mean, nobody works like that. Washington certainly doesn’t. That creates the conflict. That creates and brings on the rancor. We want to work together, we want to find places that we agree on and not dwell on the big differences.”

In fact, he’s starting to think the President is just a wee bit pushy overall. “By the president saying, ‘Pass my jobs bill,’ you know, he’s insisting in saying, ‘Cram it down people’s throats,’ when we, and I don’t think the American people, want to see tax increases at a time when we’re trying to focus on job growth and getting middle the class back to work.”

So once again we are back to the Republican laundry list of items they would like to see pass, with no compromise on any of the pieces of legislation they aren’t as happy with.  According to the latest memo from Speaker of the House John Boehner, legislation allowed to pass is: “extending the ability of companies to expense 100 percent of the cost of certain properties, eliminating a 3 percent withholding provision for government contracts, reducing regulation of small-business capital formation, creating incentives to hire veterans and modifying unemployment insurance.”

Not allowed?  Rescinding tax cuts on the wealthy to generate revenue, any spending on infrastructure like roads, bridges and buildings, education spending to help states not lay off teachers, or anything that could actually prevents layoffs or be a project that directly hires people.

In essence, if we only pass all of the parts that Cantor, Boehner and the other Republicans approve of, and nothing else, or else pass no act at all, aren’t we simply doing the GOP’s “all or nothing” plan instead?


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Sheri Snyder
Sheri Snyder4 years ago

Debra M--I like your green eyed Kitty cat face. I have a kitty that looks kinda like it.
You could be right, but there is hope. As an example, the New York special election of Kathy Hochul in May was to a great extent about Medicare--she did a good job running on it. That was kinda cancelled out by the Democratic loss in Queens NY more recently tho'. Some were saying they wanted to send a message to the President about jobs. The LOGIC of that is questionable since the Republicans have had control of the House for nearly a year & the only big jobs bill presented has been the President's & (Democrat) Jan Schakowsky's. Certainly Republicans have not actually passed legislation about jobs--only about things like limiting women's reproductive rights. But as you say, it may be more about emotion than logic. But when a Democrat in New York kept hammering home the logic about Medicare it worked. Also there's what is happening in Wisconsin & Ohio. Democrats in Wisconsin held all 3 of their seats in recalls but in very traditionally Republican districts, they gained 2 seats. We'll see how it goes with other Wisconsin efforts--they are far from finished yet. A lot of people in Ohio want to recall another extreme Republican governor that the people seem to be having buyer's remorse about--Ohio Gov. John Kasich. His approval ratings dropped to 30% after 2 months & as I remember, most of the Governors with similar agendas have ratings that are similar. I don

Debra M.
Debra G.4 years ago

Jim L. is so absolutely right. No sales equals no new jobs. It is logical. Sheri S., while I agree with you, until people stop being duped by the litany of hypocritical offerings the Republicans offer, we do not stand to defeat them in the next election. People are voting out of frustration, not with their research as to what these people are saying and hiding. People who vote for them, vote away their health and welfare. So because Obama is in office, and the jobs are not there, he becomes responsible for it. Thanks also to the Republican machine backed by Koch and Murdoch. We are all in for some heavy pain after the next election, I think.

Sheri Snyder
Sheri Snyder4 years ago

Robert--I second your comment: Heavy applause for Jim L. Finally someone who actually RAN a business telling it like it is. CUSTOMERS coming in the door and SPENDING will create jobs!!!!!!" It's cool to hear that from a person who you come into contact with and could ask a question. You might be interested in checking out MCClatchy newspapers' recent random nationwide poll about opinions of small business owners on the net. Many people are saying it isn't that they are afraid to hire because of fear of higher taxes or increased regulation. (like Republicans are saying they are) but that its because the economy is sluggish & there isn't enough demand for goods/services. I put that in my petition countering the reasons I've been hearing as to why the President's jobs bill should not be passed. I posted an invite to sign it quite a few posts back. Wanna sign my petition, Jim & Robert? It's at:
Have you guys heard the recent Cantor & Boehner statements about President Obama's Warren Buffet proposal being ClassWarfare?

Sheri Snyder
Sheri Snyder4 years ago

To continue my post--But just lately, it may be bad of me, but I sorta hope those guys continue to seem to be completely unaware of where the American people really are, right through the 2012 election. With the anti-Democratic antics going on in the states where there are changes in voter registration & voting rules, changes in how electoral votes are awarded so President Obama won't get as many electoral votes in their state, busting up unions that traditionally fund & work for Democrats, etc, etc combined with slow economic growth, it may be a tough election for President Obama. Sounds to me like all this state activity violates the US Constitution--but they are doing it. And it may have an impact. Did you see that in Texas they consider concealed weapon papers a valid voter ID, but not a student ID?

Sheri Snyder
Sheri Snyder4 years ago

Janice A--Hearing things that Speaker Boehner said about what the American people thought that either wasn't matching polls or wasn't my impression of what people thought & DEFINITELY wasn't what I thought & also operating under the theory that I did not want Speaker Boehner to only hear from people who agree with him or the Tea Party--who are very vocal--I have in the past written him A LOT and told him my opinion. I have also been supportive of him--sympathizing with the difficult position he is in being more of a professional politician and having the newly elected Tea Party Freshmen come in that didn't seem to understand or care about the consequences of crashing the global economy by refusing to pay already-acquired US debt. I even felt sorry for him the day he conferenced with each of them & kicked their rear ends--only to have them come out of his office looking a little beat up as the TV cameras spoke with them, but STILL refusing to change their positions. He is having a terrible time controlling his caucus. When I was writing to him about something I disagreed with I added at the end that I thought it was cool that he was "manly" enough to unabashedly tear up about things he was passionate about & kinda go against the male stereotype (he was getting a lot of flack about it at the time). Since I see Eric Cantor as considerably less rational & more rigid, I've only written to him maybe 2-3 times. But just lately, I think I'm more in a spot li

Igor M.
Igor M.4 years ago

Ron G,

Exactly. The smirk is the distinctive feature of these boys. That is the ID.
Never vote for a guy with a smirk.

Personally, I have never cared about psychopaths ...

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm4 years ago

Heavy applause for Jim L. Finally someone who actually RAN a business telling it like it is. CUSTOMERS coming in the door and SPENDING will create jobs!!!!!!

Ron Ellsworth
Ronald E.4 years ago

The Tea Party was meant to be a re-branding of the Republican Party to get the Bush stink off of it. How do you T-Bauchers like the smell now?

Janice A.
Janice Adams4 years ago

For all of you who have complained about Eric Cantor's attitude. Have you written to him and Speaker Boehner and tell them what it is you want done. There are people who agree with them and people who don't believe me the people who agree will be writing them to let them know. That is where they get the idea that the American people are with them. Write and in no uncertain terms tell them how hard you are going to work to get them out of office. They are a bunch of do nothings that do not work for the money we pay them. Threaten to get rid of them unless they start doing something but saying no. Threaten to fire them if they do not start acting like they care about our country. They never hear from the other side. Inundate them with letters and email. Make sure they hear your voice especially if they are your representatives from your state. But even so Boehner is speaker of the House and Cantor is majority leader. You have a right to give them directions on what you want done. Also write to the representatives of your State so they know that you will not tolerate do nothing attitudes when it comes to jobs. Tell them you are for letting the Bush taxes expire. Tell them you are for the Presidents job plan and you want it passed as is. These people are your government you pay their salary.

Doris Turner
Doris Turner4 years ago

No wonder Cantor is smiling in just about every photo. So far he has gotten away with a lot by either blackmailing or forcing Obama to compromise. It's time Obama takes a stance and tells him and the rest of his entourage to go take a hike.