Car Rental Companies Will Offer Electric Vehicles In 2011

Commuting by bike or foot in the New Year is easy when you’re familiar with the lay of the land, but what’s a carbon-conscious traveler to do when far from home?

In 2011, two major car rental companies will add electric vehicles and car sharing services to their fleets, making it easy for the planet-friendly traveler to keep their carbon-footprint low.

Last week, rental giant Hertz announced that it will add hundreds of EVs to its fleet over the coming months, making electric vehicles available at locations in Manhattan, Washington DC and San Francisco.

To book an available EV, consumers must sign up for Connect by Hertz membership and make a reservation via As an extra incentive, those that sign up between now and December 25, 2010 will receive a one-year free membership to Connect By Hertz, the company’s global car sharing club.

Not to be outdone, Enterprise is adding 500 Nissan LEAFs to its fleet this month and has plans to add up to 100 CODA Sedan EVs in 2011.

Enterprise has announced that from January 2011 they will begin rolling out EV rentals in Phoenix, Tucson, Knoxville, Nashville, San Diego, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle, although it is not clear how many vehicles will be available at each location and from what date (Gizmag).

Biz Journals also reported earlier this year that Enterprise would also install charging stations at some of its locations, including several of the Enterprise “hybrid branches,” or nearly 100 designated locations that offer hybrids and other environmentally friendly rental options in 30 different markets.

So, if you weren’t one of the lucky 13,000 that reserved a Nissan LEAF back in April, you might still get the chance to try one out!

While you’re waiting for your next business trip to give you an excuse to rent a new EV, whet your appetite by checking out the trailer for director Chris Paine’s new documentary “Revenge of the Electric Car.”

Image Credit: Flickr - reservasdecoches


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