Race To Replace Snowe Turns Into A Three-Way

When Democrats heard that Maine Senator Olympia Snowe was retiring at the end of 2012, they couldn’t believe their luck. With a moderate Republican not running for reelection, the seat was prime for a potential party flip.

Now, it looks like there may be a problem.

Angus King, former governor of the state, has announced he’s running as an Independent. With a heavy personal bankroll to dip into and a moderate stance, he has the potential to play spoiler and split up what could have been a Democratic upset.

Maine Democrats had been counting on Rep. Chellie Pingree to come in and swoop up the seat, but with King’s announcement, Pingree is still sitting on the fence. “This is an extremely important election and a lot is at stake, including the control of the U.S. Senate. While I have been humbled by the tremendous outpouring of support encouraging me to run, Im going to continue thinking very carefully about whether or not I should enter this race, and will take all the factors into consideration before deciding how I can best serve the people of Maine.

A three way race gave Maine Republican Governor Paul LaPage in 2010, as the Independent and Democratic candidates split up the liberal and moderate vote. Will the same happen with the senate seat?


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Ron Hemenway
Ron Hemenway4 years ago

It is sad that the Republican party has become so extremist. The North East used to have moderate republican politicians such as Jim Jeffords of Vermont and Senetor Snow of Maine

michelle B.

Thx for the info.

Leah H.
Leah H.4 years ago

Snowe USED to be a moderate.Once the party generals started dictating how members would vote, Snowe got in line. Since 2000, she has played right along with her party. She also played bait and switch with the Affordable Care Act. She negotiated with Reed until she got changes that the Republicans wanted, then she voted against the bill. Her vote has enabled all of the obstruction in the Senate. So, I am glad to see her go. She made millions, has a nice retirement package, and leaving while she is still young enough to enjoy it all.

Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine4 years ago

Classic example of a Democrat (myself) with political views that can cross over to "the other side" to the point of seeing all sides. She will be missed. Although, I do understand her reasons as she herself stated, why she is leaving, (under the guise of retirement), congress, up until most recently, have entertained us in the worst way. Clowning around and holding hostage...
Y O U!

Patrick F.
Patrick f.4 years ago

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Marilyn L.
Marilyn L.4 years ago

"According to the Portland Press Herald, King, who was a supporter of George W. Bush in 2000 (but endorsed John Kerry in 2004), endorsed Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election, stating that the Illinois Democrat "...leads with hope and not through fear.""

King may not be a bad choice. Google him and read before you judge. I would like to see Pingree run but I want someone that can run against and be the Republican candidate.

Yvette T.
Past Member 4 years ago

So sad to see the only sane Republican go...she tired of the squandering of time and the put-downs from fellow Republicans who could not hold a candle to her intelligence and ability to think through issues and work for the people. Obstructionists must be expelled!

Marianne C.
Marianne C.4 years ago

I do wish these third party candidates would contain themselves for this election cycle. We need to get as many right-wingers out of office as possible, and splitting the liberal to moderate vote just to stroke your own ego is SO destructive.

Hartson Doak
Hartson Doak4 years ago

Don't blame Nader for the Bush/Cheney administration. The Supreme Court stole that election. As for a third party, I am for it. It shows the Repugs and the Democrats that they do not speak for everyone.

Brian Schrader
Brian Schrader4 years ago

Snowe didn't really do much for the state of Maine and I'm afraid Angus will do the same. I have personally met and talked with Pingree a couple of times, and I think she would be great for the state of Maine. The problem is that Angus was the governor for awhile and people still remember that, even though he never did much to help the state of Maine either, but people don't seem to remember that.