Celebrate the International Day of Climate Action

This Saturday, thousands of people around the world will come together in 181 countries, at more than 4,500 different events, to speak out for climate change. The International Day of Climate Action is organized by 350.org as a way to call on leaders worldwide to demand action to stop global warming.

What will YOU do for the International Day of Climate Action?

Care2 blogger Dave R. covered some of the amazing options for action organized by citizens like you — people who care about our planet and its inhabitants and want to take action to stop global warming. Now it’s time to do something. Whether you’re joining one of the International Day of Climate Action in-person events, signing a petition in support of climate change legislation or simply opting to walk to the grocery store today instead of driving, you will be making a difference for our climate. If you’re participating in one of the organized events, you’ll get your group’s photo taken with a large 350 sign — and it’ll be added to the Flickr pool containing the worldwide actions, like the people in Greenland, above.

And we want to know what you are doing! How will you celebrate the International Day of Climate Action?

350.org gets its name from their goal of reducing the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to 350 parts per million — what our world’s top scientists say is the safest upper limit for carbon dioxide on our planet.

We’re already at 387 ppm. Now we need to make it clear to our world leaders that we must get back down to at least 350 ppm! You can help deliver this message by adding your name and participating in 350.org’s International Day of Climate Action.

Photo of Greenland activists courtesy of 350.org


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Gogreen H.
Gogreen H.6 years ago

Dr. J This is pivotal international Climate Change Conference. We will have world renowned IPCC members as speakers and the event will be BROADCAST LIVE WORLDWIDE via satellites. Please join us for "Humanity's Leap to The Golden Era: Washington D.C Climate Change Conference. "FREE" www.wadcconference.com

Bruce Anderson
6 years ago

Without the endless sake for argument, this designated event is a grand cause, for it will create awareness and perhaps instill some prspective on what's happening to Earth's climate.

This isn't a government organizing event as some here have argued and alluded to (always misconstruing pertinent issue facts), but is rather a grassroots event building from the ground up.

Hats-off to the International Day of Climate Action folks. It is a worthy cause in mending the ills we have cast upon this ol' Earth.

Regardless of where you stand or what you 'think' it is people like these and the empirical scientific backing that have made this world a better place to live. Even though they are constantly criticized they continue to express and do what's right for us all, for it is not they who just benefit, we all do, unlike the industry and corporate lobby side and the ones they influence.

Without them, smoke stacks would still be belching out noxious fumes, our streams and rivers still serving as pollution ditches and our air and ground loaded with legal dumpings of heavy metals and asthma and carcinogenic inducing particulates.

James M.
James M.6 years ago

I think there are some more important issues than climate change to address.

For example Momentum is a much more serious and immediate problem. It is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths every year in traffic accidents. If it weren’t for Momentum, cars would be able to stop on a dime and avoid many accidents. Maybe if government taxed Momentum there would be less of it.

Wait a minute, they already do tax gasoline, which is the primary source of Momentum. And they also tax speeders (when they catch them). It doesn’t seem to be working.

And yet you think government has the ability to stop the next ice age, or the re-occurrence of the medieval warm spell when Greenland was not covered in ice and Brittan exported wine? Explain to me what human activity caused the medieval warm spell or the retreat of the last ice age, and then we may be able to figure out what, if anything, we can do about climate change.

Give me a break! Government has already bitten off more than it can chew and you want them to do something about the weather? There is a significant correlation between sun spots and climate changes. Should we insist the government do something about sunspots, too? If we don’t all this effort to reduce CO2 emissions to medieval levels will be in vain and our children will be freezing in the dark.

Crystal Wilson
Crystal W.6 years ago

Climate change is the new evolution......arguments against are powered by personal feelings while ignoring scientific evidence. To sound more credible, opponents throw out so much double speak and lies, and create bogus 'studies' until we are buried under so much 'information' the average layman doesn't know what to think.

Global warming is real, and for those who would deny it, please ask yourself who/what/how is anyone gaining anything to make this all up? Just for the sake of argument, let's say it is all a hoax, who is benefiting?

On the other hand, there is a lot for many to gain by denial. And it is these people that are leading the opposition. They will do anything to protect their riches, and use fear and play on the average American's scientific ignorance to take care of themselves, at the cost of the planet and future generations.

Judy Emerson
Judith Emerson6 years ago

So sorry. The convoluted denials will not save you. It's high time to get on board! See the photo of surfers astride their boards http://www.350.org/ Wildfires have ravaged California as the state has been wrung dry by drought. Many Australian cities don't have water for their citizens next year because the annual rains have moved 200 miles south to the ocean. Lowlands and islands are disappearing into the sea. Some things just cannot be denied. The need to lower our CO2 level to below 350 is evidenced worldwide. We'd best get to doin' it!