Check Out the New Crop of GOP Climate Change Deniers

Just as people once denied the world is round, there are still people who either flat out deny the existence of climate change, or deny that it is human induced. Unfortunately, many Republican congressional and gubernatorial candidates are climate change deniers. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Deirdre Murphy warns that climate change denial is just the beginning for what she calls “the new crop of extremist Republican Senate candidates.”


Check out the quotes by the 2010 crop of Grand Ole Party candidates:


“There is disagreement in the science community concerning the causes of global warming.” New Mexico candidate Susana Martinez

“I have not been convinced.” Florida candidate Rick Scott

“I’m not saying I believe in it, I’m not saying I don’t. You’re asking me to take a position on something I don’t know enough about. I absolutely am not smart enough to believe that I know the answer to that question.” Massachusetts’ candidate Charlie Baker


All three of New Mexico’s Republican congressional candidates are deniers—

  • “I don’t mean to be flippant about this, but only God knows where our climate is going,” Jon Barela, oil engineer
  • “I think we ought to take a look at whatever the group is that measures all this, the IPCC, they don’t even believe the crap,” — Steve Pearce, corporate lobbyist
  • “The science is not settled regarding climate change, temperature records have been falsified, and the assumptions used in computer models have large degrees of error.” — Tom Mullins, oil engineer

“I absolutely do not believe in the science of man-caused climate change. It’s not proven by any stretch of the imagination.” Wisconsin candidate Ron Johnson

“Terrorism kills — and Barbara Boxer’s worried about the weather,” California candidate Carly Fiorina said of  Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer’s characterization of climate change as a security issue.

“I’ll tell you, I have looked at global warming, now climate change from both sides…And, and I don’t believe, while I think the Earth is warming, I don’t think that causes are the primary factor for global warming. And, and I am one of those people that Al Gore refers to as a skeptic.” Colorado candidate Ken Buck 

“I think there’s evidence to the positive and to the contrary about global warming.” Connecticut candidate Linda McMahon

“I don’t think there’s the scientific evidence to justify it.” Florida candidate Marco Rubio


Carla van der Meer

In what twisted, backward world are right wing creationist in charge of science and energy. They've obviously got a vested interest in deny,deny,DENY! Employ people of science, non creationist, those who actually believe the world is older than 6000 years and was not created in 7 days )( with a day off,presumably to play golf). In the US and Canada, it seems to be a trend to muzzle any government scientist who disagrees with what the government (read: BIG OIL) wants to hear. This has got to end. The governments are SUPPOSED to work for us, not them. Getting arrested at a peaceful ( until the cop gave me concussion) reaffirmed my belief in just who works for whom.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

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LMj Sunshine

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LMj Sunshine

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Louis F.
Louis Fournier5 years ago

Thank God for Travis! I was beginning to believe that there wasn't any one of Care2 who understands "science". Most every one else believes "propaganda". It's not their fault. They just don't have the knowledge, training, experience. and I.Q. to distinguish bull shit and propaganda from scientific fact. Further, they don't really seem to have enough motivation or interest (or knowledge) to research their beliefs, But, they'll defend their beliefs to the end. Ignorance is bliss!

Mark M.
Mark M.6 years ago

These people are a disease. Their form of denial may be calculated -- cynicism sells to those already inclined to be suspicious about government, even as they/we need government to help organize society -- and/or pathological (a chronic wasting or absence of proper analytic and/or ethical tools). Their self-serving arrogance is despicable. Few or none of these 'deniers' have any degrees in earth science. They are being paid -- and/or their campaigns are being financed -- by parties who have a much greater interest in protecting their margins then in doing any social good. Thus, gaining a platform on which to spout about complicated, crucial matters these candidates probably know very little science about, they reward their paymasters by spreading falsehoods, or denying truth, which is lying. They change the subject. They pretend to be experts. Calling advocates of climate change (accomplished scientists, by the way, in many disciplines the world over) liars and frauds. Imhofe, Fiorina, Scott, et a are simultaneously the pimps, the prostitutes and the clients--collecting the money, screwing us, and serving their own fetishes. If they gain the upper hand, there should be no doubt that our successors will look back in 2030 or '50 -- perhaps after a few nuclear exchanges for access to drying South Asian rivers, or 30 million refugees fleeing rising seas -- and excoriate us for not tossing these 2010 creepozoids out on their smug, perverse, plutocrat asses.

John O.
John O.6 years ago

We need to find out who is funding these people for their election plans. I have a good idea it isn't groups I would identify with.

Liz Thompson
Elisabeth T.6 years ago

Good article...thank you