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Children of Deported Immigrants Fight for Hope (VIDEO)

Children of Deported Immigrants Fight for Hope (VIDEO)

May all kids be with all of their families by next Christmas!

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1:11AM PST on Jan 16, 2012

I'm torn on this issue, because on the one hand, yes it seems wrong to break up families. Yet, on the other hand, illegal immigrants know they are breaking the law. In a way, it's sort of like saying, you're a criminal but it's ok because you had children while breaking the law. Is this really rational? And yes, of course I understand people just want a better life for themselves - I'm all for immigration and the melting pot. I also know that we cannot economically support wide-open borders. In case you haven't notice, we have a high homeless and jobless population, so it's not the right time to open borders too much. I also do not equate immigrating illegally on the same footing as breaking a civil law against another person, so I'm also for law reforms, but things obviously change very, very slowly.

5:29AM PST on Dec 29, 2011

Thanks for the article.

7:54PM PST on Dec 28, 2011

Vince D., the moron! To be civil in tone to a Republican conservative Mexican bashing, gay bashing ‘jesus freak’ moron would be like condoning your counterpart, the Islamic fundamentalist ‘jesus freaks’! Your both scum! The belief in Jesus (and all other messengers of God) is required in Islam, and a requirement of being a Muslim. Seems like you birds of an feather flock together!

8:49AM PST on Dec 28, 2011


Due to your incivility, I will be ignoring you and will flag any and all more of your rude, nasty posts. Have a nice day.

5:27AM PST on Dec 28, 2011

Vince D., You are are moron! Mexicans don’t hire people at low wages , your rich scum buddies do you moron! The Mexicans come over here to do jobs that you scum white racist won’t do. Mexicans don’t create those low paying jobs, where were you born, what planet do you come from!

5:02AM PST on Dec 28, 2011


Perhaps you should pull your arse out of your backside and actually READ before ranting.
There are 7-8 million illegal aliens on non-ag jobs directly displacing American workers and driving down wages for those who do still have jobs.

Is Wall St to blame for our economic situation? HELL YES! Did I say they weren’t?

Yep Obama has fudged the numbers, but there are still a huge number of violent criminal illegal aliens. (Not to mention document forgers, tax dodgers, unlicensed drivers etc…) And Obama’s administrative amnesty program is borderline treason, he is refusing to do his job.


There are many others, if you’re smart enough to use Google….

The LEGAL immigrants that I know, including my wife, have no use for the illegals. I thought that sentence was clear. So maybe I could have added a comma, you really shouldn’t throw stones in the grammar department….

So what’s up with your abrasive tone? Are you constipated?

2:50AM PST on Dec 28, 2011

We are a very dumb group of people! We keep voting for the republican scum that only represent the 1% at the top. They Mexican bash, gay bash, if raped, won’t you to keep the rapist kid, give tax breaks to the rich while stealing from the poor and working class! They do nothing for the poor or working class in America! Half of the 99% are now in poverty and have little or no healthcare or retirement! And all those kids starving for Christmas while the rich scum eat their turkey, steaks, lobster etc. and count their money while they send all our jobs overseas so they can pay lower wages and no benefits to the workers! Will some one tell me why you vote for Republicans Conservative Scum!! They are just like the rich fundamentalist in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iran etc.. Scum, scum, scum, these scum crawled right out of the gutter! Have a nice day!

12:47AM PST on Dec 28, 2011

You shall have your satisfaction varlet, and a cap and ball for good measure!

11:38PM PST on Dec 27, 2011

Kurt L
At least they are trying to take care of their families back in their home countrieswhich is a lot better than a certain congressman who is $100,000 behind in child support. I know you are just as upset about the tens of billions going out of the country to buy goods that used to proudly wear labels that said "Made in America". and the 2 trillion dollars worth of profits that corporate America has sent overseas to hide in shell companies or banks in places like the Cayman Islands just so they do not have to pay taxes, taxes that would go to repair the infrastructure that they need and use to make those profits. If you have that much animosity towards those you are supposed to be teaching, maybe you should think about a career change. I heard there are a lof of farmers looking for help to clean up rotten fruits and vegetables in Alabama and Arizona, or you could become a low paid chicken plucker in one of the many non-union chicken factories or a day laborer on a street corner. I am sure that all these jobs compare to handing out flyers on a street corner...NOT. You say you have done the work before so quit with the bellyaching and put there old jobs where your mouth is...

11:20PM PST on Dec 27, 2011

Mr King
Verily I say unto you sir that if you are trying so say any of my sarcasm or degrading remarks, whether intentional or incidental in nature were ad hominem attacks then I have to say that that is completely wrong but a common misconception. If you are trying to say my remarks were meant to deflect attention from their arguments by attacking them personally, which would also be wrong, (I was using facts), that would be argumentum ad hominem. Therefore I say unto you sir, that unless an apology is coming forthwith I shall have to demand satisfaction. As the agrieved I chose the weapons and it shall be pistols at sunrise behind the old South Church...

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