Gay Cleansing Is A Gathering Storm In Iraq

The Los Angeles Times has shown further evidence that Iraqi gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are under threat, reporting that flyers with threatening messages have been published in Sadr City in eastern Baghdad, and that a collective calling themselves the Platoons of Righteousness have emerged to battle the “immorality” of being gay.

The flyers which have been passed around the poor Shiite slums bore messages of warning to gay and lesbian residents, saying “If you don’t cease your perverted acts, you will get your fair punishment,” whilst, in an even more sinister turn of events, people had written the names of those they suspected of being homosexuals on the flyers. This act and others like it were carried out by the so-called Platoon of Righteousness, which some are suggesting may be a part of the disbanded militia that once controlled the region.

The L.A. Times also reports that, as well as the threatening flyers, messages have been written onto the sides of local buildings which read, “we will get you, puppies,” which is a derogatory epithet used in the Sadr region for gay men. These massages, as well as the flyers, were quickly removed, and although no one is sure as exactly who posted them, or who covered them up, their brief appearance on the streets of Sadr City has left a lasting impression.

We have followed the story of violence against gay Iraqis right from the first murmurs of trouble when the UK group IRAQI-LGBT reported that gay and lesbian Iraqis were being attacked and killed, and even executed for the crime of being a homosexual. In the past two weeks it emerged that a mass grave of six Iraqi men had been uncovered, and that all the bodies had signs reading “puppies” around their necks. Reports also suggest that up to 25 gay and lesbian Iraqis have been killed in the last month for the crime of being gay.

This campaign of violence as many are calling it has not gone unnoticed. Last week we reported that Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colorado), openly gay himself, had toured Iraq and whilst there had handed evidence of the violence and persecution that gays and lesbians in the region are facing to the ruling authorities. An investigation is being carried out. 

This isn’t the first time since the regime change of 2003 that gay and lesbian Iraqis have been killed, although it seems that the recent spate of killings and anti-LGBT feeling has demonstrated an intensification of the problem.

This article from the site AlterNet shows that, in 2007, there were UN reports circulating that a large scale “purge” of gays and lesbians in Iraqi society was underway where “religious courts” would try and imprison homosexuals, and although death sentences and executions could not be confirmed, they were suspected.

The AlterNet article also demonstrates that systemic and widespread violence has been occurring against gay and lesbian Iraqis since 2003, and whilst some might argue that Iraq on the whole has been greatly improved by the Western invasion, LGBTs in the region have certainly not faired well, a problem that former President Bush did not care to address in his War on Terror.

How Can You Help Gay and Lesbian Iraqis Right Now?

Sign this Care2 petition now and add your voice to those urging President Obama and the Obama administration to act in Iraq before more lives are lost.

Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License, with thanks to Tobo.

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Sally Abravanel
Past Member 6 years ago

What a thoughtful and eloquent speaker you are, Queen B!

hazey jane
carla Aijtink6 years ago

It's this attitude that make's what this world is today!
I have been (I think) respectfull as i think it's supossed to be ( I know I think alot) But from what I have been reading the last few days, I am of the oppinion that the mud throwing days should be over. I was under they impression that the people on the care2 community were people who respected each other's opinion and went generaly for the same goal. that's why I joint in the first plays. and to try/take an affort to keep our planet save and healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like to think we still do and can . So who ever you are, i want you to know that this is not ment as a personal attack it's just another way of looking at things. I am intitled to my oppinion as you are to yours!
I respect that! I hope you can give me and other care2 members no mather what there sexual preverences are the same curtasy!!!!!!!!!!


Queen B.
Charity B.6 years ago

I'm sorry, did you say great teacher or scumbag?

hazey jane
carla Aijtink6 years ago

We'll Sally I don't know about the lessener issue, but other then that it's a inspiring thought (LOL)

Sally Abravanel
Past Member 6 years ago

And then did the Great Teacher, Sally of Lesbos, call her disciples unto her, for she saw that they were sore distressed.

And one of them said to her, "Mistress, tell us why some of our Sisters and Brothers are straight."

And Sally smiled at them and said, "Well, in regard to men, the answer is easy, my friends. Men seek out women in order to associate with superior beings. For straight women, the situation is somewhat more complicated. Women who associate with men are saints - they delay their own spiritual progress in order to help those lesser than themselves."

The Great Teacher smiled down at the sweetest of her followers, who had laid her head on the Teacher's breast, and said, "And we gay women and men are Angels, sent down by the Goddess to teach humanity a better way!"

hazey jane
carla Aijtink6 years ago

Hey Sally!

You go girl, but I'm afraid the cat's are going to be the picky ones here LOL


Alicya L.
Alicya L.6 years ago

My experience is that gays are easier to commincate with,as far as animals concerns I have heard that too with a horse,Amor was his name a strong horse that people "used"to breed,but as it turned out,they used another horse because Amor liked stallions better (his own sex).
Most people who had "bought "his seed founded out that a nother horse took his place to breed.

Sally Abravanel
Past Member 6 years ago

We've fought this before and we'll fight this again.

Here's the bottom line - if ANYONE (muslim, christian, jew, hindu, confucian or galaxian ultra-orthodox) tries to interfere with my being gay - or with anyone else being gay - he'd better bring a bloody big army with him, cos he's in for the fight of his life!

And if it's my life or theirs, they're catmeat!

hazey jane
carla Aijtink6 years ago

I wriley resent the fact that being gay is refurd to as a birth defect. It's not a defect.
In nature there are frog species that turn from male to female just to reproduce. They have a birth defect to???
Just because someone can't reproduce they aren't defected. What about all the woman in this world who can't have any children???? defected to? oh no i forgot that's just the will of god!
It's just a part of this great worlds many differences, there being blacks, white's, red's, yellow, gay's lesbian's, and straight people.

Queen B.
Charity B.6 years ago

Bisexual animals??? In every species of flora and fauna, there is always a small number born with birth defects or other deviation of the norm. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, nature usually corrects itself. Being born "gay," as some believe, is just being born with a birth defect: It is outside of the normal, thus defective. It cannot procreate (sterile) which is how nature corrects the defected being (flora or fauna.) In humans, they can (try to) adopt children, since they cannot procreate with another of the same sex (against nature.) This is nature keeping the world in balance.