Clinton Champions Women’s Rights on Africa Trip

After Hillary Clinton’s return from her 11-day trip to Africa there is one thing I know we can count on from our newly appointed Secretary of State – women’s rights will not be forgotten.

While the news focused on her angry response (“My husband is not the secretary of state. I am.”) to a question from a student at a town hall meeting in the Congo who asked Clinton what her husband’s opinion was on a political issue (some reports indicate that the student asked what President Obama’s opinion was and the translator got it wrong) what has been far less reported was her work reaching out to the women of Africa’s poorest, most remote and impoverished regions.

Did you know Clinton visited the Congo and personally met with rape victims to hear their stories?

Did you know that after hearing their horrifying stories she pressed the Congolese president to prosecute offenders and offered $17 million in new assistance for victims?

Did you know that in South Africa she spent an hour and a half at the Victoria Mxenge housing development, a project she championed as former first lady, twice the amount of time she spent with South Africa’s president?

Did you know this same housing development has grown to 50,000 houses thanks to Clinton’s efforts and that the community center is decorated with pictures of her. Did you know she danced and sang with the choir during her visit?

These are not the types of events that the press attend with flashing bulbs and buzzing microphones. These are not the types of meetings that receive strong public attention or make headlines, but they should.

It is these intimate, personal meetings that signal Clinton’s commitment to women’s rights and her intentions to press governments around the world on abuses against women. It is these meetings that show the women of the world that they are not alone, that the U.S. is watching and is willing to help.

“Raising issues like the ones I’ve been raising on this trip to get governments to focus on them, to see they’re not sidelined or subsidiary issues, but that the U.S. government at the highest levels cares about them, is important,” Clinton said.

It is and it’s time we thanked Clinton for her dedication in protecting women’s rights across the globe! With Clinton on our side, I am hopeful that a new day for the world’s women has come.

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Gabi B.
Gabi B8 years ago

WOW!I've read quite a few off the wall posts, but there are a few on this article that take the cake and the baker!

Ana Beatriz de Carvalho

This very good!!

Taz D.
Taz D8 years ago

my wife and i just read these terrifying, heartrending articles about women's horrors across the world {} {} the new york times has an evil history as the 'gray lady' of the intelligence community and its alignement with psychiatry and other darkside entities. in this article, it pats america on the back heartily while the west spends trillions it doesn't even have on endless wars and corporate-communist handouts to the financial criminals. maybe if those trillions were devoted to things like women's rights everywhere and stopping environmental destruction... i've tried to contact care2 to get someone on the staff to get this material publicized more among the ranks but can't seem to get through.

secondly, hillary, like her husband, is a major war criminal. she said nothing while bill backed the genocidal 'oil embargo' that killed at least 800,000 iraqis including half a million children denied food/meds/clean water, etc. she, like obama voted for every bush war and torture funding bill, patriot acts and crook bailout. lip service to the palestinians in the concentration camp called gaza or west bank. she refused to press for real inquiry into the extremely suspicious story of 911; agreed with bush that the multi-war-criminal kissinger was a good choice to 'investigate' 911 (kissinger refused as he has saudi clients...) war pig

Adele Oosthuizen
Adele Oosthuizen8 years ago

It is sad that people cannot see what is really going on in the world of politics. Do not take my word for it, it is so easy to research what these people are up to. Google "David Ike", or "Wes Penre", these are people that are trying to bring the truth into the open. If you do not want to believe them, go to the book of Revelation in the bible. Events are unfolding exactly as it was foretold two thousand years ago. Do you really think the H1N1 virus just happened, the recession - do you think this just happened. Look up the history of the Freemasons, the Rockefellers, even the Bush Family and their connection to the Bin Laden family. Why do you think Bin Laden has never been captured, with all the state of the art technology that the USA has at their disposal, please, give me a break. You have access to the internet, there is a wealth of information there if you look for it. Wake up people! Don't let what is happening take you unawares.

Barbara Chally
Barbara Chally8 years ago

The same gremlins that started battling against the election of President Clinton and fought mightily to discredit him throughout his eight years of service, popular as he was and still is, won't give up even now! The claim the Clintons are both witches sounds like it came out of the same fairy tale which all their earlier accusations proved to be anyway! How sad we still have to wade through it in a place like this, meant for honest discussion!

One almost wishes all that business about someone in the FBI observing malfeasance in office had been true! None of the harm could have slipped through during the last administration in charge before it became obvious to the rest of the country who finally caught on and swept damage doing out of Washington! So where did that watchman go when he could have done some good by revealing the facts to someone more convincing than Adele Oosthuizen? Or maybe she'll reveal whose potion she has been drinking..... where do these thorns in the cause of progress come from?

Bernardette Genovese

Well done Hillary. Only great men and women get this kind of opposition. Comparing her to Hitler !!!!! What kind of fiction adventure are you living in. If as you say the meetings with victims and the poorest were just a charade why were the media not present? If the secretary of state wanted to gain milage out of these tasks, everyone would have been made aware of what was going on. Why is it that some individuals are only interested in throwing mud at others who are out there sticking out their necks trying to make a difference. One last thing can it be some pathetic attempt at blemishing a STRONG woman ? Go on Hillary show the world what a strong woman can achieve. Although not American I am proud of you.

Geraldine D.
Geraldine Dutka8 years ago

It is sad that the media chose to focus on an insignificant issue and sensationalize this out of proportion rather than focus our attention on the positives of this trip. Way to go Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, you are a shining light for women's rights and we all appreciate your hard work in endeavouring to bring about change in countries where civil rights abuses flourish.

Sara Pinto
Sara Pinto8 years ago

Yes, this is long overdue. President Hillary Clinton, OH!, I am sorry, I made a misprint.:) I am personally thanking Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her outstanding efforts in helping and protecting women who have been abused and exploited. Thank you so very much!

Adele Oosthuizen
Adele Oosthuizen8 years ago

However, Aldrich unwittingly gave us information, based upon his personal observances of behavior by Bill and Hillary Clinton that absolutely identifies them as the powerful, practicing Illuminist witches we have always said they were. Of course, since Aldrich was not trained in Black Magick Occult, he did not realize that these observations were so damning. Aldrich did not realize he had just opened the door to confirming Doc Marquis'[Former Illuminist Witch] assertion that Bill and Hillary were powerful practicing witches, and that Hillary was the most powerful. Since Agent Aldrich has provided so much material from his book, we shall have to devote several articles to this subject. We have discussed the occult nature of Aldrich's observations with Doc Marquis, former Illuminist witch, now a Born Again Christian, in preparing for this article.

Adele Oosthuizen
Adele Oosthuizen8 years ago

Continued from comment hereunder.

FBI agents are trained investigators, able to not only solve complex and difficult criminal cases, but to be able to testify in a court of law about the findings of their investigations. Agents such as Aldrich are thoroughly trained observers of all that is occurring before their eyes, as well as to pick up tiny fragments of evidence in a crime scene. Therefore, when an FBI agent observes something, he does so in a way that will stand up in a court of law. Aldrich notes this fact most succinctly. "Most people with any knowledge of criminal investigations agree that FBI agents are the best investigators in the world." [p. 213]

Agent Aldrich observed much in the course of the nearly 3 years he spent at the Clinton White House [1993-1995] that led him to a sobering conclusion: "... the Clinton Administration was a corrupt disaster, beyond redemption or repair". [p. 154] What Agent Aldrich was referring to as "corrupt" were the deliberate attempts to block standard FBI background checks on White House staffers, to the blatant drug use by staffers, to the deliberate policy of allowing people without high security clearances to read Top Secret [and above] material, and to the deliberate lapses of National Security policy at the highest level, actions that Aldrich feared could lead to an attack on the United States by either Russia or China.

However, Aldrich unwittingly gave us information, based upon his personal observances of behavi