Coca-Cola Pulls White Cans For Polar Bear Campaign

Coca-Cola is known for its annual holiday cans filling the glass cases of gas stations and grocery stores this time of year. Typically, they have adorable images of polar bears sleigh riding or sitting on Santa’s lap against the backdrop of the iconic red can. However, this year many consumers were unnerved to see something different. For the first time in the company’s 125 years, the cans were not red – they were white.

Upon first glance, many coke drinkers just assumed (gasp!) the store was sold out of their beloved regular Coke because they bear a close esemblance to the diet cans. Perhaps even worse, diet drinkers would unknowingly start sipping on the more sugar-packed version. Consumers were furious. It was absolute chaos. Or Coca-Cola purists would have you believe.

The company, partnered with the World Wildlife Fund, sent 1.4 billion of these cans into the market as part of its Arctic Home campaign to raise funds and awareness for the plight of endangered species, including the polar bears that have graced their holiday cans for years. The project website states “This project is helping to further WWF’s global vision to protect the Arctic, which includes working with local Indigenous communities, supporting cutting edge research, and carrying out additional conservation work with partners.”

Coca-Cola has pledged $2 million to the cause and agreed to match up to $1 million in consumer donations made through March 15, 2012. More information on the project and the endangered species it hopes to protect or to donate can be found here.

So my question to you is this: which is more important, focusing on the positive message these cans are trying to send the public or having to take an extra moment to check which drink you’re purchasing?


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Carrie Anne Brown

love the cans! and glad coca-cola are doing this :) if people don't read what they are buying then thats their fault, thanks for sharing :)

Sarah Metcalf
Sarah M.4 years ago

ridiculous! can't people read?!

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.4 years ago

I liked the white cans.... I think they made people notice (the message of the plight of the polar bear habitat)

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.4 years ago

I liked the white cans.... I think they made people notice (the message of the plight of the polar bear habitat)

iii q.
g d c.4 years ago

"consumers were furious"?
how many consumers are they talking about?
a tad inane...

Radek S.
Radek S.4 years ago

I love these new cans, as usual at Xmas time. Coke always presents cool staff, but that news is really annoying. In my opinion Coca-Cola should reject any charges in that case, just emailing those stupid people saying BEFORE DRINKING IT READ LABELS!!!!! I know that majority of society is badly educated, but I didn't expected how badly. Shocking!!! That may happen just in US.

Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan4 years ago

If someone cannot take a moment to look at what they are picking up then they have no right to complain.

Carole R.
Carole R.4 years ago

Is this really a critical issue? All you need to do is read the can if it is such a problem.

Loretta J.
Loretta J.4 years ago

The white cans are beautiful and I wish they weren't pulling them just because Diet Coke drinkers don't bother to read!
I also wish they held a vote or poll whether to keep them or not.

Cathy Koch
Cathy Koch4 years ago

As I age (unfortunately) I have a problem being able to read smaller print and some newspapers. I bought a couple of pairs of very cheap 'cheaters' and can read anything anytime. I find it absurd and unbelievable that thirsty Coke lovers wouldn't take an extra second to check what they pick up. I find it even more absurd that Code would bend to these blind consumers. Get a grip people, it's not rocket science and if you're too lazy to look at what you pick up, you deserve what you get. I wish that is all I had to worry about!