Code of Support and Patriot Guard – 9/11 Commemoration Roared In


The  roar of the Patriot Guard Riders bikes announced that the scroll of the Code of Support, and the dog tags of  Sgt. Ronald Coffelt had  arrived  at the AirForce Memorial on 9/11/11 after a cross-country odyssey beginning in Oceanside, California nine days ago. The  dog tags of Sgt. Coffelt were given to the Patriot Guard Riders by his widow and his children, and they were passed along with the scroll, from ride captain to ride captain with the words “guard these with your life.”

With the sun shining off the curved spires of the Air Force Memorial, overlooking the Pentagon and the 9/11 commemoration held there, Major General Alan Salisbury, Founder and Chairperson of Code of Support, and Kristy Kaufmann, Executive Director, spoke of the reason for the Code of Support. The drive to remind the “other 99%” of the sacrifices and service of the less than 1%, the service members and their families,  the veterans and their families.  To connect  the partners that have joined with The Code Of Support to help families, the servicemen, and veterans, the ability of non-military people to connect with groups that need their help; these are the reasons that The Code Of Support was born.

There were speeches by partners including the Red Cross and The Mission Continues.  Then a quiet man stood, a member of The Patriot Guard Riders , Kevin Rock. And with his soft-spoken few sentences coalesced the reason for the day for those gathered there. It was to remember 9/11 but for the Code of Support it was to remember, to support the 1%. His quiet dignity and heartfelt tribute brought everyone to their feet, reduced the military spouses in the audience to tears.

Kevin Rock speech at Code of Support.

This weekend has been a time of great sorrow, a time of remembrance. The Code of Support, Joining Forces, Blue Star Families, and other service groups also reinforced that feeling we had 10 years ago, the feeling of community, of caring, of volunteerism, of dedication to our country and our neighbors.


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Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

*Luara Ingalls Wilder, who had written the "Little House" series of books so Rose could live off her inheritance when she ended up destitue. The lies of Libertarianism of less government/taxes have always been fostered by the rich and corporate America as a means to return America to an oligarchy like it was prior to the New Deal programs and the strength the workers got to demand better wages, sader working conditions and benefits that allowed them to strive for the American Dream with 40 or 50 years of hard labor.and to give their children an education and a better life then they themselves had lived.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Emmanual v
Ron & Rand Paul are both idiots and so is anyone who buys into the lies in Atlas Shrugged and those of Ronald Reagan that government and taxes are bad... Reagan raised taxes 11 times in his eight years trying to straighten out the budgetary mess his only tax cut in his first year did to America's budget process and grew the size of the federal government just like every other Republican President has done in modern times. The hole he blew in the budget process was so bad that he tripled the National debt of all administrations before his and caused George HW Bush to renege on his promise of "Read my new taxes".
The 3 "founding mothers" of the liberitarian movement ahd their problems with their ideology at the ends of their lives. Ayn Rand ended up poor and sick and readily took the Social Security and Medicare she so railed against during her life, but cowardly collected it under her married name of Ann Conner a name she had never used before. Fitting she ended up like most of the poor she had looked down upon all her adult life. I guess Atlas did Shrug (her Isabel Paterson was the second mother and when she ended up poor and of ill health she could not collect unemployment because she had not paid into it for the required quarters and was homeless so she could not get medicare. She lived off friends until her death. The thrid "mother' was Rose Wilder Lane who was lucky enough to have a famous mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder, who had wr

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Emanual v
All the savvy people are as far away from you and Ron & Rand Paul as they can get. Have you not ever realized Ron Paul does not trend well even in the ultra-Conservative Republican primaries because most savvy people realize the lies of the Libertarian ideology and what damage that ideology would do to America and her democracy!

Emanuel v.
Emanuel v.5 years ago

Sheeples !!!!Where are all the savvy people???. Who still believes 9/11 was n't an inside job, like Pearl Harbour. It has been determined that politicians on average lie 93% of the time, so why believe them 93 % of the time. Does it make you feel patriotic to support and vote for habitual liers. Do your eyes see clothes on the King when he is starkers. Obama is stark naked when it comes to cover ups, better vote for some one like Ron Paul who at least calls a spade a spade and does n't hide like a wolf behind sheeps clothing.

Susan C.
Susan C.5 years ago

There are heroes - those who refuse to fight imperial wars. Winter Soldier Mike Prysner says that, in Iraq, 'he was the terrorist'. He shows that racism - seeing other peoples as inferior - is central to such wars:

Jacobo V.
jacobo Van5 years ago

I have been a member of a multiforce volunteer group in Puerto Rico (leading the maritime branch); that functions like a state guard to back-up the usual federal & local cadres for defense/rescue in times of disaster or other national necesity. God Bless

Karen F.
Karen F.5 years ago

I'll ask again - please go to and sign the pledge. No matter your politics, spelling ability, or how much you hate war; this is support and volunteering to help families of servicemembers and veterans. Helping people. I thought that was what it meant to be a person who cares.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Tom D
Is it only Communists that spell Amerika with a "k" or do facists too because you have taught us there is no difference between Communists or Facists. Do Kapitalists spell Kommunism or Fakists with a "k" or is that just reserved for the other side. You do know this is the 21st Century (with a C) and that Bush made Amerika a debtor nation to the biggest Kommunist Kountry left in the world with his war in Irak and that Kommunist Kountry is now our biggest trading partner. So much for Kommunists being all bad if a Konservative like the shrub can take their Kash, send them most of our maufakturing base, allow a trading defikit so big you could drive a trucC Konvoy through it and run our ekonomy into the ground. Get with the program son, Kommunists are friends now that we have a more aktive enemy to skare the population with in al Kaeda and the terrorists...

Evert v.
Evert v.5 years ago

Steven B.,

Right on, but who is "us"?

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Tom D
After WWII who attacked us that was allied with the Soviet Union?