Condi Rice Blasts GOP Anti-Immigrant Bias

Speaking to a crowd at Duke University on Tuesday night, Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice had the audacity to sound reasonable on immigration, breaking ranks with the platform of her Republican colleagues.

“That immigrant culture that has renewed us … has been at the core of our strength,” she said, according to the The Raleigh News & Observer. “I don’t know when immigrants became the enemy.”

This is not the first time Rice has voiced frustration at the lack of comprehensive immigration reform in this country. In 2009 she called the lack of action during the two terms of the Bush presidency one of her “biggest regrets” and on Tuesday she reinforced that message.

Rice’s name often comes up as a potential vice-presidential pick by Mitt Romney, but on immigration the two share nothing in common. She has spoken out about Alabama’s immigration enforcement law in the context of a need to bring undocumented persons out of the “shadows” and supports a uniform federal approach to immigration enforcement.

“America has always been able to attract the most ambitious people who are determined to have a better life,” Rice said during an appearance at Stanford University, where she currently teaches. “If we ever lose that and start to believe that somehow that it is instead a threat to us to have those people come here, we are going to lose one of the strongest elements of not just our national wealth, but of our national soul.”

Yeah, with a reasonableness like that there is no way Rice would actually make the cut for a Romney camp that has hired the brains behind the Arizona and Alabama bills as a key policy consultant.

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Photo from Vince Alongi via flickr.

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LMj Sunshine

OOPS - Thank you for info.

LMj Sunshine

OOPS - Thank you for info.

LMj Sunshine

Yes if its an option, for more reasons than just gas.

LMj Sunshine

Yes if its an option, for more reasons than just gas.

Judith Howard
Judy Howard3 years ago

This woman along with her pals, Bush, Cheney, Rummey, and all of those responsible for their war crimes should be in prison. Yet we see the likes of Bush getting roughly $100,000 for speaking engagements. Disappointing. But then they will eventually get what they deserve. History has proven this. In most cases war criminals do pay for their crimes.

Zoraida C.
Zoraida C.3 years ago

Elizabeth MC. You couldn't be MORE wrong with your comment, "Legal Immigrants have not become the enemy, nor have they ever been the enemy." You must have skipped school they day they covered the trash that was written about the , "thievin, drunken, Irish", "Dumb, brute Pollocks" or "Slithery, dangerous mobsters, the Italians". You must have forgotten how we jailed all Japanese Americans during WWII or mistreat Native Americans until they discovered oil and casinos. I know, I know, its' hard to keep up with the latest hate rhetoric and stay in touch with the pesky historical facts. What's happening to Hispanics today is not in any way new, just more apparent because the internet is instantaneous and EVERY lunatic gets his say. We didn't pass as many racially/culturally biased laws against them because, well, in their own way, they WERE white and somewhat European. And of course, the African-Americans are eternally screwed, still getting killed because their skin color makes the ALWAYS the object of suspicion and their first President gets called, "boy" and all the other racial epithets by his contemporaries. They must be very relieved when a Mexican appears on the horizon. Aha! Let's pick on HIM for a change! And then there's always the WHITE TRASH who serve in all of our wars, whenever their wealthy counterparts wave a flag in front of them, without question and readily beat up anyone who challenges the intelligence of doing this, and stand as a wall of ignorant h

Zoraida C.
Zoraida C.3 years ago

Ernest R. Maybe you should post where farmers should apply for these "legal" workers because I just got off a conference call yesterday with people from Alabama who say they have lost 1.5 billion and counting so far. If "legal" farmworkers where so easy to get, why don't the farmers and industrialists just hire them? I don't work for immigration, just comment on what I see and hear around me.

Michael C.
Cynthia C.3 years ago

Why isn't Condi Rice standing trial at the Hague for War Crimes?

Helpful Friend
christina webb3 years ago

scores of women and men come here and drop off there children who speak no english at all, just out the gas tank or driving down the opposite side of the freeway with there lights out, off the panga boat carrying and dropping off drugs what-have-you and they habve no clue how to integrate with this society they dont behave friendly they don't even speak any english and those that do are the mickey mouse type and thats why they ( big govt) likes them, cuz they buy smart phones and tons of licensed merchadise happy meals.
Our kids at school are not getting a proper education with them here and they lack a value system, they lie cheat and generally run around looking and acting like they are the head of the house cuz the moms are hiding out in the shed with her 14 "cousins" waiting for them to fetch the bread.

Howard Evans
Howard Evans3 years ago

Paul, how can you praise Condi Rice in one sentence and then condemn her to the Romney ticket in the next?

Hillary's already said she isn't staying for the second term. Barack Obama could say a million words about bipartisanship in one short sentence: Ms Rice, I have an opening you might be interested in.