Confirmed: First Seal Killed Today in 2009 Hunt

Canada’s commercial harp seal hunt started today with a quota of 280,000 seals, only days after Russia decided to ban all hunting of harp seals under one year of age.

Baby seals are being killed on the ice in Canada as you read this – observers from The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) confirmed the first seal death just moments ago.

Observers from HSUS and IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) are in the air and on the ice, watching the hunt, recording abuses, and campaigning to end this cruelty once and for all.

You can help end the baby seal hunt. Thanks to a courageous Canadian Senator, there is now a bill in the Canadian Senate that would end this hunt permanently. This is the first time such legislation has been put forward in Canada. Sign the petition to support Senator Harb’s bill to end the commercial seal hunt:

You can get real-time updates and on the ground reports from both of these fantastic organizations by following their posts on Twitter:

• Follow IFAW on Twitter with @action4ifaw. Their hash tag for this issue is: #stopthesealhunt.

• Follow HSUS on Twitter with @HumaneSociety. Their hash tag for this issue is: #sealhunt09.

• And follow Care2 on Twitter as well! Get the latest Cause posts @care2causes and the latest Care2 nonprofit petitions @actionalerts.


Sa R.
Sa R7 years ago

Thank you Pam for the link you posted, signed it, of course, too. (“You cannot currently send a star to Pam because you have done so within the last week”.)

First time in Canadian History that a Senator (Hon. HARB) introduced a Bill to the Canadian Senate; here are the links to 2 petitions to support the HARB BILL:

+ Two other petitions by Peta:

To Giovanna: You can add these links to the previous ones you copied to your blog. Hope you signed them all.

Giovanna V.
Giovanna Villani7 years ago

Hello People
If you care about issues like this take a visit to my blog, made only for petitions around the world about animai rights, global warming, and etc!

Johnine C.
Johnine C7 years ago

Leanne, Yes you have a right to your opinion, now.....KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! What you wrote was uncalled for! No one asked you which animals should have the right to live & which do not did they? Why throw that into the mix? There are humane alternatives & because one may be a nusance, in your eyes, that does not give any right to just get rid of!! Hell, I think a lot of humans are QUITE ANNOYING, so should we decide that they should be put to death? God created all these beautiful creatures but I take it you have the right to take that life away?? I am sorry, I was not aware you were the appointed GRIM REAPER!!Please,I am not trying to be mean, but it angers me! Those here are speaking up for innocent creatures being put to death!! Do you really think this is the correct venue to speak of ending another beautiful creature of Gods life? I think not dear!

Johnine C.
Johnine C7 years ago

This is to Ram or Rom or whatever your name is! You are not in favor of this as written but are you kidding me with adding,"THEY ARE IMPORTANT TO THE FOOD CHAIN"????? You disgust me!..UGH!

Claudia Tapia Guerrero

Seal hunt is a crime to be punished!

Laura Hernandez
LORII H7 years ago

we will keep on to get to ban this and all hunting well this is a masacre

Pam F.
Pam F7 years ago

ANOTHER one, Sa - the list is endless!
And still the bloody atrocity continues.

javier v.
javier v7 years ago

we will keep on against these brytal act we here and many many pepele all over the world canadians have demostreted they do not think that the pepole of the world is havy is important and have ideals and are wiiling to go on

Sa R.
Sa R7 years ago

I think it is important to post and advertise all petitions everywhere so am posting all ongoing links for anyone who might have overlooked any. Please add any that escaped my attention.

Loretta H.
Loretta H7 years ago

We absolutely must stop the killing of the beautiful seal pups. How horrendous!! Man made coats etc. are warmer than the pelts of seals or any other animals. People wear these animal skins to show they can afford them, that they have money. It is just pure vanity. The men who kill these babies can find other jobs to do in their lives. How can they sleep at night. The torture, the blood, the beautiful seals lying all over the ice. OMG, how horrible. Some humans believe they can do whatever they wish to all of our unfortunate beautiful creatures that God created for us to enjoy and admire. Please stop this murdering, please.