Conservatives Admit: Letting Gays Marry Will Not Affect Their Own Marriages

Written by Scott Keyes

WASHINGTON, DC — Nearly a decade ago, the recent debate over marriage equality entered the limelight when, in May 2004, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled that the state’s prohibition on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional.

In the years since, conservatives have argued that marriage equality is a “threat” to marriage between straight couples.

ThinkProgress asked attendees an anti-equality rally in Washington DC today about what impact same-sex marriage has had on their own marriages over the last decade. Nearly everyone was flummoxed by the idea that someone else’s marriage would pose a threat to their own. One man even noted that gay marriage has strengthened his marriage by bringing he and his wife together over the shared belief that gays and lesbians should not be allowed to wed.

Watch the highlights:

During today’s Supreme Court case on marriage equality, the justices pressed Charles Cooper, the lawyer defending discrimination, on how exactly same-sex marriage somehow undermines marriage between straight people. He was unable to give a cogent response.

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Sabrina I.
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*clap clap*

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Thank you for the information.

Shanti S.
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Thank you.

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Ewelina Grobelna
Ewelina Grobelna4 years ago

discrimination shoudl not have any option to be 'defended'!!!

Emily C.
Emma C4 years ago

I've said for years, that if your marriage is so fragile that two gents, or ladies getting married ruins yours, you have larger problems than gay marriage, and might want to get some therapy.

Amanda M.
Amanda M4 years ago

Well, DUH!!!!! Of COURSE allowing same-sex couples to marry is going to have no effect on hetero marriages! Isn't that what marriage-eqality advocates have been saying for YEARS?

Now, if they would only wake the hell up and realize that all their other arguments against same-sex marriage hold about as much water as a sieve and that marriage is first and foremost a LEGAL contract between TWO CONSENTING ADULTS, then the country would be in far better shape!

Joanne Dixon
Joanne Dixon4 years ago

Thanks Carole for the kind words.

Bartley D, you are not exaggerating about the difficulty and expense of changing words throughout Federal law. When the IRS reorganized back in the early 2000's they - and Congress - did not change a lot of vocabulary in the IRS code because the intent was the same. But along came a lawsuit, and a Federal judge decided the IRS could not investigate a church because they no longer had an official with comparable authority to the official specified in the code. The IRS asked Congress for vocabulary changes so they can do their job, I think their request was in 2006. Congress hasn't acted so the IRS is still unable to investigate a church for tax fraud. And that is just one title of Federal law. I'm betting that, if the IRS request is like heart surgery, changing all references to marriage would be like circulatory system surgery.