Copycats Burn Quran in Michigan

Terry Jones’ plan to burn Qurans to commemorate the ninth anniversary of 9/11 may not have moved forward in Florida, but it looks like the idea inspired some others to put forward their own display of anti-Muslim sentiment.  Early Saturday morning a burned copy of the Quran was found at the entrance to a mosque in East Lansing, Michigan.  Some of the pages of the holy book had been shredded and some had been smeared with feces.

A community representative compared the action to burning a cross on the doorstep of a black church.

But even though the act of hate was discovered on Saturday the 11th, Muslim community leaders waited until the following day to make the incident public in order to make sure that the focus on Saturday remained on the reflection and remembrance of 9/11.  The FBI has been asked to investigate the incident as a possible hate crime and East Lansing police kept a squad car parked at the mosque after it received the initial report.

According to news reports some pages of the desecrated text were found scattered throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

These actions show a lot more tolerance for the memory of that day and the message that the intolerance of a few will not dictate the policy of the majority then Jones or any of his copycats.  If there is an upside to this story it is that many non-Muslims have come out in strong opposition to the action and have called for a showing of solidarity with the mosque.  And now that the anniversary has passed, let’s hope the rest of the country can find a similar showing of unity and push back against the frenzied Islamophobia that has captured the emotions of so many.

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Jae A.
Jae A6 years ago

{continued from my post below] the dark of night.....icky night crawlers and or just people who hate just for the sake of hating anything they don't agree with. A more than stupid Taliban type of gesture at best.

Jae A.
Jae A6 years ago

To those who say that all of the middle east is just about hate. I have to assume,not a good ideal but it's all I have to go on here, that you have listened to the Tea Baggers and current spokes persons for the Republican party in Congress...each/all of those mentioned are equal to any when it comes to spewing hate that we hear out of the middle east. Two wrongs make a right or just your wrong is the right one ? Get real people. Many of us adimently disagree with the extremist Muslims, as do many of us as to the Christian ones, but this kind of outragious acts are nothing more than disgracful calls for attention due to their having nothing worth while to help solve the problems facing us in this country, let alone those to do with religious babble and hate between the different ones. Aside from Corporate wars it's been the religions of the world that have brough about all the other wars. Corporate wars mongers just use the religious fanatics of the world to distract attention away from the real reason for their wars. Stop burning what you don't agree with and find other ways to vent your ignorance and or hate combo. I don't agree with any organized religion of today but I respect their right to have their beliefs put into print for others to read in private. Same goes for all kinds of books that I may not agree with the contents. Proves nothing by burning a book other than those doing so are just whack job wankers with Taliban mentalities who have nothing else to do by the da

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

What a disgrace!

Elizabeth J.
uma J6 years ago

Helen Allard had correctly said asReligion is the one thing that seperates us as human beings. I do not think that Jesus would want this kind of hatred being spread in the world in His name, He was about love not hate. I would rather be wrapped in His love anyday than to be touched by this kind of hatred.....

Let us now repeat what evildoers do....

Carole H.
Carole Hagen6 years ago


June Bullied
june bullied6 years ago

michael, i could care less if the rest of the world hates us. matters not to me. nothing will change my mind, i hate the middle east and its breeding of terrorists.

June Bullied
june bullied6 years ago

pat, i dont care what or how they do it. i hate terrorists and thats what the middle east is all about.

Pat Hippert
Patricia H6 years ago

An of course it was done in the dark of night because these cowards are afraid to do anything by the light of day.

michael c.
corbin m6 years ago

Meanwhile June, we breed Becks, Rush's, Palin's and Bush's. Any wonder the rest of the world hates us?

June Bullied
june bullied6 years ago

TO ELISE: read Joys of Muslim Women by nonie darwish and while you're at it read all the books written by muslim women. if you have the time, sign the petition for ashtiani who is being stoned to death over some idiotic lies by yr govt. i dont care what you say the middle east breed terrorists and i hate them. lol