Could Reagan Get Elected Today? Huckabee Says No [VIDEO]

Would the Party of Reagan actually elect their hero if he were running for the nomination today?  Potential presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says no, and gives some pretty compelling reasons why not in this video via Think Progress:

The question is, it this Huckabee laying the groundwork for his own presidential campaign, or explaining why it is he’ll never actually run?

photo by United States Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Odean C.
Odean Cusack5 years ago

Well said Brian F!!!! Reagan was a lousy actor and a worst president --easily the bottom of the barrel tiil George W pushed him out of the absolute bottom spot!

Mike N.
Mike N.5 years ago

Made up oil crisis Brian F. Entirely mythical..!!!! Did you know gas in Riyadh Saudi Arabia is 91 cents per gallon? Or that it is 78 cents per gallon in Kuwait City? How about 12 cents per gallon in Caracas Venezuela? Does this make you mad? Then ask yourself: Why is it $4 per gallon here and even higher in the UK, Italy and other nations in that region? This is according to CNN In Amsterdam, gas is a whopping $6.48 per gallon. Why the huge difference in prices between countries? Answer? It is all a farce designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer and extend favor to any nation that backs the U.S government in that endeavor.

Mike N.
Mike N.5 years ago

Reagan was governor of California, one of the Bluest states in the country. He was pro choice at that time in 1967. Laura Bush is pro choice and Mary Cheney is gay. So ask yourself: What exactly IS this party's agenda???

Brian F.
Brian F.5 years ago

Reagon was the worst president in the history of our country with the exception of George Bush. Reagon left our 241 marines in Lebanon to be blown up by a suicide bomber. Than he failed to strike back after intelligence clearly identified the organization responsible. He built up our military industrial complex, but cut all programs for the poor like CETA which were designed to help poor people get job training. He took the solar panels off the White House and arrogantly declared that we must give up on alternative energy and pursue only dirty polluting fossil fuels. If instead we had pursued Carter's policy and moved massively into wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal power, we would not need dirty coal, natural gas, petroleum or any fossil fuels today. It is the myopic energy policies of the republicans Ronald Reagon and that ignorant moron George Bush, which have led us to this oil crisis, our dependency on foreign oil, and our problems with dirty fossil fuels. The only solution to our energy crisis is to move away from dirty polluting fossil fuels and massively into clean wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal power and develop the electric car.

Bernadette P.
Berny p.5 years ago


Kathleen D.
Kathleen D.5 years ago

Ronald Reagan did nothing good and accomplished nothing to benefit this country in any way. He did not cause the fall of the soviet union. In the 1960's it was already declared it was falling. You people really reach don't you? Amazing, but then what could anyone expect from the far righters.

Dominic C.
Dominic C.5 years ago

Ronald Reagan will definitely get elected again. Look at what he had done for Europe and his steely management at the Soviets then? After the disastrous Carter Administration he also managed to bring America back to its feet.

Kathleen D.
Kathleen D.5 years ago

John R; were you actually living on planet earth when Reagan was president? I mean, if you were, you damned sure weren't paying attention. Any politically astute individual is aware of the tripling of the deficit under Reagan, broke the backs of credit unions, borrowed more money than any president before him combined, and, was the beginning of the decline for the middle class in this country. Now, you may have just been 'confused' (in a really big way) and meant Bill Clinton but Reagan? Give us all a break and pull your head out of your butt because you've been spending way too much time in the dark.

Nimue Pendragon

Does it matter?

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L.5 years ago

He was one of the worse Presidents we ever had. What an acting job.