Crossroads GPS and AFSCME Both Have A Take On The Economy [VIDEO]


Conservative and progressive groups have had radically different reactions to President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act proposal, as well as his plan to raise the tax rate on investment income to be more in line with taxes on wages.

Crossroads GPS, a Republican Super PAC run by Karl Rove, attacks the new “Buffett Rule” and its “math,” while AFSCME labor union releases its own commercial run in support of the proposal.

Watch them both below.


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K s Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson4 years ago


Joan E.
Joan E.4 years ago

What Crossroads GPS hates is all those annoying people on food stamps. It's apparently against their religion to feed the hungry. You can tell by their eagerness to cut unemployment benefits, Social Security benefits, disaster relief and every government program that helps our neighbors in need. They're also the party that cheers for the idea that a 30-year-old in a coma who doesn't have health insurance should just DIE!

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L.4 years ago

Don L and Andrew C if you wanted to write and article why not just submit one. Good grief.

Roger Nobles
Roger Nobles4 years ago

Rove and his paid for, sell-out Republicans are once again making band aid excuses to hide the problem, rather than working to build a solution. And for you umm, 'ill-informed' folks against a tax increase - well get your spins a little more reasonable - closing loopholes that allow some to legally avoid taxes is not an increase. Taxing capital gains, dividends, and interest as wages, is not an increase. Realize that Responsibility and Blame are not the same - Blame leads to failure, Responsibility seeks solutions. So stop pointing fingers and start showing some responsibility. Love him or Hate him, agree with his programs or disagree, at least President Obama and the majority of Democrats are showing maturity and responsibility, they are seeking solutions and trying to work with all parties to restore and preserve the dignity, health and economy of the United States

Devon N.
Devon N.4 years ago

Correction to my last post: The figures should have been $10.4 Trillion and $4 trillion, not millions. I cannot type wwell this morning. I guess it is recovering from listening to the debate clips from last night!

Devon N.
Devon N.4 years ago

Maybe Mr. Rove ought to do a little math: Under his policies for Bush we went from a surplus to a deficit of $10.4M - well in excess of the $4M under Obama; we went from full employment to over 7% unemployment with an increase that continued into 2009 up to 10%+; we lost over 7,000 points on the Dow or about $3Trillion dollars in wealthy; we are losing about $1T every three years for unfunded wars; 1 in 4 children were left going hungry; 6 million families were left homeless; and our children were left uneducated in greater numbers. I am afraid that by comparison, the damage done by Rove and the GOP was far worse than anything that Obama has come up with. That is the math - but sadly, neither party is willing to actually do the work necessary to fix the problems. They focus on debt and deficit, instead of on jobs. They give away tax cuts to the rich, but fail to mention that the tax holidays for SS payments undercut future retirees. They do not force American corporations to repatriate their money through tax liens, but instead allow them to hold it offshore untaxed. Until our government forces corporations to invest in America they are not going to do it, period! And anyone who thinks differently is living in a fool's paradise. That is the math and that is the reality.

Don Isaksen
Don I.4 years ago

@Andrew C, - Continued -
If you had $500,000.00 in the bank and someone wanted to borrow it from you to buy a new home, .. and the borrower needed 30 years to pay it back, You're telling me you would loan someone $250,000.00, with a payoff time of 30 years, for nothing (interest free)?? You would be the biggest fool in the country/world if that's what you would do, ... OR if you expected anyone else or any bank to create that loan.

One last point is your comment about the $200 + billion being wasted every year in interest payments on the public debt (I assume you're meaning the Publicly held portion of the national debt), ... you better think a lot bigger than you wrote. Our govt has paid about $438 Billion in interest on the national debt so far this year, and will probably wind up paying close to $500 Billion by the time the year ends. Don't you think paying down the national debt to be able to spend that interest money in America would be a heck of a lot better than sending much of it to other countries to spend in their economies? There are going to have to be some serious sacrifices before the Nat'l debt can be paid off, but when it happens, the overall price of getting back to running this country on, or close to a balanced budget each year will do wonders for the country.

Don Isaksen
Don I.4 years ago

@Andrew C, - Continued -
That hasn't necessarily been the case with Obama as President. Your assumptions that when a bank creates a loan, the federal govt prints enough money to allow the bank to borrow it from the feds, and there is no other money in circulation, when in fact that assumption is purely bogus. The money that will be used to pay for the loans and the interest accrued on the loan, is already in circulation. The person or business the loan was given to either gets their money through wages earned or business profits, then makes their payment from the money earned. Of each payment made to the lender, part of it is kept by the lender as earned interest on the loan, and part of it winds up going to pay down the principal owed on the loan. A small part of the interest kept by the lender, is in turn sent to the federal govt, along with the principal payment, to repay the govt for the loan it made to the lender. Contrary to what you wrote, money paid back to the govt for loans does NOT just disappear (reduce the money supply by that amount). It actually increases the amount the federal govt has to make additional loans if necessary. Money doesn't just appear and disappear like magic.

LMAO - Debt-Free money system?? Dream on!! If you borrow money, please tell us how the debts you created would be debt-free?? NOBODY is going to give anyone their money in the form a loan, without getting some form of interest or income back. If you had $500,000.00 in the

Don Isaksen
Don I.4 years ago

@Andrew C, - Continued -
Because of our current financial situation, and the fact the government has printed so much excess money and put it into circulation, our countries Dollar is on the brink of losing its place as the currency virtually all countries and major global businesses conduct their business with. There is no way you can throw the concept of money in the garbage. No matter how you would try to change your economic business for paying your debts, the economics would remain the same. The only difference would be the names you decided to call it.

Your claim that private business is NOT for the people, is also bogus. Every private business has been started to make a profit for the people with the ideas and work ethics that are needed to create and runs their business. There's not one private business that has employees working for them that is not FOR the people. How do you think there would be anyone making any money if the business weren't there to provide work for them??

Your communistic idea of huge government is the most destructive type of government there is. You can play the poor against the rich, "class warfare" game for just so long, before the whole system falls on its chin and goes bankrupt.

Contrary to your scenario of how the banking system works, it isn't even close to what your scenario portrays. Governments are supposed to have reserves (Gold, Silver, etc) backing any money they create. That hasn't necessarily been the case wit