Curious Baby Penguin Encounters Its First Human (VIDEO)

Penguins have been a hot, or rather cold topic in the news lately. In March, a Humboldt penguin sprang from a Japanese aquarium and spent 82 days on the loose in Tokyo Bay. Then, in April, an aerial survey determined that the Emperor Penguin population has doubled in Antarctica

The latest dapper waterbird to waddle into the spotlight is this baby Gentoo penguin caught on video by adventure blogger Joel Oleson. In this short but irresistible viral video, the curious penguin explores Oleson and nibbles at his clothes and face. “Could have lost an eye!” Oleson writes in the video’s YouTube description.

According to Oleson’s blog, the penguins weren’t afraid to approach him because they had never encountered humans before:

We just laid down and these baby penguins came right up to us … It was like a cartoon. We rode past massive glaciers with penguins following us jumping out of the water, at one point we had 40 of them jumping along.


Watch the video below:


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Image captured from YouTube video


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how adorable;thank you for sharing

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thanks for the smiles

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Thank you Miranda, for Sharing this!

Elizabeth Luik-Rossi

To save BABY PENGINS have always been my dream to be able to do too.
How about you and yours?

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Just adorable! Thank-you for the post.

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