Cute Animal Video of the Day: Dog Snuggles With Chick

I seem to be on a roll with inter-species friendships lately (see here and here), so here is yet another one. I’d be lying if I said this was the last one I have in my arsenal.

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Rita Schalla
Rita Schallaabout a year ago

The dog was so sweet and gentle ~ but his big beautiful eyes were saying, "what's this?"

Kay M.
Kay M.3 years ago

awe :)

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad3 years ago

I want that killer cute pup!!! This was one adorable video.

Kari J.
Kari J.3 years ago

The cheeping of the chick- so cute! I want it!

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Sheri D.
Sheri D.3 years ago

So cute! Thanks!

Kenneth G.3 years ago


Galina Medyanova
Galina Medyanova3 years ago

The poor little chick is seeking its mom. The doggy is very friendly. It's unusual, isn't it? It was risky to experiment with the poor little thing! Thanks God, it's a happy end!

Maree Ann Peterson

Thats so sweet and what a Tender lIttle Doggie looks like my little doggy Angel!

Stefano S.
Stefano Stronati3 years ago

Looks like she's asking: Mame, where are your feathers? :-) Cute video, indeed.