Cute Animal Video of the Day: Seal Pup’s Snowy Moustache

Seals have it rough. Culls and other human hunting present seal populations with grave problems beyond the effects of climate change. On Dec. 21st, the NOAA announced that more seals require protection after securing endangered and threatened listings under the Endangered Species Act.

In the past, Care2 members have stood against the Canadian seal cull and saved two pups, Zak and Mika, from death. Even if members hadn’t voiced concerns, watching this snuffling harp seal turn its prey-detecting whiskers into a snowy moustache would be more than enough motivation to continue helping our friends:

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Julia R.
Julia R.7 months ago

So Cute!! How can anyone kill such precious babies like these horrible seal hunters do in Canada every year in the largest massacre of marine mammals. It's truly a sacrilege!

Terry V.
Terry V.3 years ago


Magdika Cecilia Perez

thank you

Magdika Cecilia Perez

thank you

Christine Jones
Christine J.3 years ago

What a sweetie-pie. And much appreciated as I am sitting here in Western Australia in 40 degree celsius heat.

Penny C.
penny C.3 years ago


Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Claudia Cavallo
Claudia Cavallo3 years ago

this puppy is so cute, I ask myself how anybody can beat such a sweet creature, my answer is ONLY A MONSTER CAN DO THAT

Mark Donners
Mark Donner3 years ago

don't tell the psychopath of Canada calling himself "harper" where this cub is

Elizabeth H.
Elizabeth H.3 years ago

so cute