Cute Animal Video of the Day: Sloopy the Chihuahua Does the Conga

Sloopy the chihuahua wanted to dance for a snack this Thanksgiving. While the rest of the family recovered from their meal, Sloopy put on a showstopper to the tune of Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga” in the hopes of getting a scrap of turkey.

Gloria Estefan applauds Sloopy’s performance. How do you rate the doggy dance moves?

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Val Munchow
Val M.3 years ago

Very cute. I hope he got the turkey

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Silvana van Engelen

he's adorable!!!

Nadine H.
Nadine H.3 years ago


Andrew C.
Andrew C.3 years ago

Dam he's got better moves than me.

Mandy H.
Mandy H.3 years ago

Aww how cute, dogs can do some funny things.

Marianne B.
MARIA B.3 years ago

so cute, thanks

Marie W.
Marie W.3 years ago

Make that dog a sandwich!

ann t.
ann travers3 years ago

I hope that he got some turkey for all that effort and also agree that animals should not be trained to do tricks


David V.
David V.3 years ago