Daily Cute: Dogs vs. Citrus

Much to their chagrin, these dogs have tasted citrus for the first time. The results are similar across the board: not happy! But at least they know what to expect the next time they encounter these sour fruits.

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Photo Credit: YouTube


Jim Ven
Jim Ven9 months ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H.2 years ago

I love the daily cutes. It makes everyday problems seem a little smaller. TY.

Ulane V.
Ulane V.2 years ago

This was funny. Dogs seemed to play-attack the fruit.The Shepherd seemed to like it, licking.
I never thought about giving lemon to my dogs, but one of them loves fruit, especially mandarins, so have to try giving lemons,might be her thing.

Lynn C.
Lynn C.2 years ago


S B.
S B.2 years ago

My dog loves oranges. Whenever I start peeling she starts running in circles hoping to get a few segmants. She also loves baby carrots & yogurt with fruit. I love giving her healthy treats.

Sharon Nevils
Sharon Nevils2 years ago

cute ! the bulldog at 1 : 36 seemed to be enjoying it :)

Rebecca D.
Rebecca D.2 years ago

thank you

Ana Marija R.
ANA MARIJA R.2 years ago


Dale O.

Delightful, puppies and dogs know how to make a sweet treat of play out of lemons and other citrus.