Daily Cute: Duckling Faithfully Follows Man… A Little Too Closely

This duckling wants to go wherever this man is going, even if that means chasing him!

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Photo Credit: henrytwinsja via YouTube


Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago

thanks for the article.

Kate S.
Kate S.3 years ago


Fi T.
Fi T.3 years ago

The animals have placed the trust and respect to the human; how about the human to them?

Camilla Vaga
Camilla Vaga3 years ago


Virginia Abreu de Paula

Problem with daily cute is that the videos came without introduction or explanation. Most animals lovers jump into conclusions without knowing the true story. Care2 should ask for information on what was really going on. There is a possibilitily the duckling was suffering. And kept on suffering after that. On the other hand, there is a possibility that person do cares for the bird. And only found cute how it likes to run after him. However, it didn't last more than those minutes. If so, people here are not fair to this guy. But how if he mistreat it all the time? I refuse to have an opinion without knowing the fact. Care2 should demand the facts for all "cute" videos.

B J.
BJ J.3 years ago

meant to finish saying that "I couldn't/didn't watch the video".

B J.
BJ J.3 years ago

After reading a couple of comments, decided I didn't need another reason to think people suck!

Jane R.
Jane R.3 years ago

I hated this video the first time I saw it and can't believe that Care2 posted it again. It's heartbreaking to watch the little duckling trying to keep up with this sorry SOB.

Manuela C.
Manuela C.3 years ago

The only cute thing about it was the duckling...

eloise bastille
barbie bastille3 years ago

pick him up damn it!