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Poor little guy. At least he has a pretty sweater.

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Nicole H

To Joanna D : I appreciate yr comments. And regret that this article is really VERY insufficient. I already said in my 1st comment that I regretted that there was no explanation at all about why this bunny was hairless. If the author would have been more informative, there would NOT have been any misunderstanding. And believe me, I do not verify ANY article that is written. If I really had to check each and every article, I would need 72 hours in ONE DAY. I read the articles, and when it is in my interest field, I comment on it. I also read plenty of petitions before signing them, and not just sign them to collect butterflies. So, when one wants to do that correctly, you easily are on your laptop or PC for 4 or 5 hours a day. I expect that Care2 reads the articles before publishing them, and if someone is to verify the contents, it is upto Care2 people to do it. Not their members.

And to be honest, I rarely see a comment from you on these "animal" pages. Each of us do whatever they think to be the best. I was of opinion that this hairless bunny either was shaved, or was hairless as a result of inbreeding / crossbreeding, etc... And if I believed it was so, then it is purely because lack of information. I will contact Care2 about this, but don't expect a reply, as usual.

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Thanks again

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:) tks

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Adorable! Thank you.

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So Sweet

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Very cute!!

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So cute! Thank you