Daily Cute: The Best Friendship That Never Was

If anyone can resist sad puppy dog eyes, it’s a cat.

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Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Silvia Saletti
Silvia Saletti3 years ago

they're sooo lovely!!

Claudia Cavallo
Claudia Cavallo3 years ago

I definitively prefer dogs, cats think they're better

Carol D.
Past Member 3 years ago

I am surprised the dog never got a smack on the nose he was so lucky kitty does not look happy at all


Naomi Hutchison
naomi a.3 years ago

Oh that's so cute, such a friendly dog, he really wants a friend

Morgan McDowell
Morgan McDowell3 years ago


Connie O.
ConnieAway O.3 years ago

: )

Barbara D.
Past Member 3 years ago

Doggie better wise up or he's going to get a hard lesson! Very tolerant kitty ~ I would have already smacked the pesky pup.

Lydia Weissmuller Price

Cute! What a patient kitty! I think they both needed someone to sit on the floor with them and pet them at the same time. That way they could make friends with less anxiety. The little dog was obviously smitten!

Desiree Ponton
Desiree P.3 years ago

Not so cute... This little doggy is luck the kitty hasn't retalliated yet. The cat is clearly looking up at her people for help because she doesn't want to hurt the dog and doesn't know what to do. When the cat can't take it anymore and retalliates will it be in trouble for hurting the dog? The dog needs some boundries. Maybe the people should play with the dog instead of putting the cat in a bad position.