Daniel the Beagle Survives the Gas Chamber

Daniel, a 20-pound beagle mix, survived a euthanasia attempt by the Animal Control Department of Florence, Alabama, and is now in New Jersey, where he is waiting to be adopted. Linda Schiller, the founder of New Jersey-based Eleventh Hour Rescue, describes Daniel’s surviving the gas chamber as “one in a million.”

On October 3, Daniel was among 18 dogs slated for euthanization via carbon monoxide. The practice is banned in some states including New Jersey but is legal in Alabama. The American Humane Association has been lobbying for years to end the procedure, which is more costly than injections; the group prefers adoptions.

After the door of the gas chamber was opened, Daniel simply walked out, to the amazement of all. The American Veterinary Medical Association says that, because carbon monoxide is heavier than air, it’s possible that an animal could raise their head above it. Daniel was then taken to a veterinarian by volunteers, who put out a call to rescue groups around the US. Eleventh Hour Rescue responded and, on Wednesday, Daniel was taken first to Jackson, Tennessee, along with 11 other rescued dogs. Scott Messinger, a volunteer with the group Pilots N Paws, flew the dogs north.

As soon as Daniel was on the ground, his tail started wagging. The dog, about 5 years old, seemed to have affection for everyone who came near him. For now, he’ll stay with Jill Pavlik, a volunteer who fosters animals for Eleventh Hour. He’s likely to be adopted soon, the group said.

But Daniel isn’t going to fade from the limelight, said Roger Keyser, another volunteer.

“This dog has got to have some destiny,” he said.

Eleventh Hour Rescue has more information about Daniel, a dog of destiny and one in a million, for sure.

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Teresa W.
Teresa W.2 years ago

well said, Marianne

Teresa W.
Teresa W.2 years ago

a happy ending

anne r.
Tom R.2 years ago

Because he survived by some miracle, I hope he becomes the ambassador against gas chamber deaths or all euthanasia except for the very very sick and suffering. Healthy adoptable dogs should have longer times to network to get rescues and adopted. Say 60 days at least. They barely get 4 days! This is nothing more than a murdering shelter! Shelters should work with rescues and the dogs to get them into foster or adoptive homes or even boarding kennels while networking for permanent homes.

Marianne Forgo
Marianne Forgo3 years ago

Happy for Daniel but sad tears for all of dog and cats who die every day in those gas chambers.

antonia maestre
antonia maestre3 years ago

"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men."
-- Leonardo Da Vinci

antonia maestre
antonia maestre3 years ago

Pues votemos por el Santuario San Francisco de Asís. Rieguen la voz, por favor. Ya mismo me ponen la inyección y no voy a poder hacer mucho...

Natasha Salgado
natasha salgado3 years ago

Great but what about all the other dogs and cats who don't survive this horror???? SPAY AND NEUTER PEOPLE. May 2013 bring hope,kindness,freedom and love to these innocent animals. We're praying for you.

Pamela W.
Pamela W.4 years ago

Sorry ....... just noticed "typo" in my post .......... please read states (not stares) near end !

Pamela W.
Pamela W.4 years ago

Daniel - a miracle and a hero (11 others rescued - possibly from the same shelter as him?) !! So pleased that he survived and thwarted the loss of others. It abhors me that animals classed as "unwanted" are being killed in ANY way, but this method is just DISGUSTING !!! Understand, from another article on this, that efforts are being made to get gassing BANNED all over USA, hopefully it will get passed, and THE SOONER THE BETTER !!! The other article also stares that Alabama is one of 20 states that have now banned it - maybe Daniel's case helped that?

Dijana D.
Dijana D.4 years ago

it seriously breaks my heart when I think about all the loving cats and dogs that are killed each year in gas chambers....