Deformed Pups Left to Die in Grass, When Along Comes a Hero

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite. It was originally published on June 26, 2012. Enjoy!

Written by Nilgen Velazco of Puerto Rico

I live in Puerto Rico, where weather is constantly changing and that day it decided it would rain all day. My little island does have a problem; we have a big population of stray dogs or what we call ‘satos’¯ or mutts and to help them takes time and money that nobody wants to provide. To add to that problem, some people prefer pureblood breeds and so there are even more dogs. I know of many responsible breeders, but that’s not the case with everyone out there.

Thanks to an irresponsible breeder, I found two puppies in need of my help. Sometimes you don’t have to go far to find an animal in need. I was just getting home when I saw the two puppies on my lawn; thank God I wasn’t driving because I would have jumped out of the car to get them.

They were white Chow Chow puppies, but it seems that the breeder didn’t know what he was doing and they were born with defects. One puppy was missing an eye and a front leg and the back leg didn’t work. The second one was just missing an eye and some skin problems. Not the prettiest puppies in the world, but they were alive, something that person didn’t even think about. If he couldn’t sell them, they might as well be left to die on a cold, rainy day.

So Many Mouths to Feed

I knew something was wrong the minute I saw them and began to worry how could I take care of them. At that time, I had three mouths to feed and adding two more was looking impossible. So I called everyone and posted the pictures on the internet and had luck with my veterinarian. That very same day, I went with the puppies to his house and he also inferred that the puppies were left to die because of their defects.

Sadly, the first puppy could not survive, but we had high hopes for the second. One costumer my veterinarian knew was experienced with Chows and was looking to add a new member to the family and he called her up. Of course she didn’t mind that the dog didn’t have an eye and she got it the very next day!

It’s been a couple of years since this occurred and I hope that the breeder has gone out of business. I’m glad that it was my house at which he choose to leave the dogs.

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Ron Wotman
Ron Wotman6 hours ago

God Bless you Nilgen

Naomi Dreyer
Naomi Dreyer11 hours ago

The artile is abour a year and a half ago - but it is still nice.

Beryl Ludwig
Beryl Ludwig2 days ago

so kind hearted

Deborah S.
Deborah S.3 days ago

Hoow kind of you. God bless you.

Cela V.
Cela V.3 days ago


kathryn z.
kathryn z.6 days ago

Bless you Nigen for caring :)

chris C.7 days ago

Thank you for sharing

lesley turnbull
lesley turnbull10 days ago

At least the person dumped the pups rather than drowning them. Believe it or not so many idiots think if they dump animals that they have a chance. Actually it it just a way to ease their consciences I think. I am glad that at least one made it and was welcomed with open arms into a loving home. And of course as usual, thank you to the rescuer, Nilgen,

Friedrich Kling-Hauss

I do not like the human race; I do not like its silly face, but give me a puppy for a friend and I will be faithful until the end.

Julie M.
Julie M.12 days ago

God blesses those who care for the "least of these" because they are all part of Him.
Julie M.