Dick Armey FAIL – New York’s 23rd goes to Owens, Democrats

Despite the fervent, high profile effort to prevent New York’s Twenty-Third District (NY-23) from electing Democrat Bill Owens their Congressman, the conservative upstate enclave has officially shifted from red to blue.  That the effort failed is nothing short of an embarrassment for the conservative movement.

Along with 2012 presidential hopefuls, Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty, FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey fought hard to displace Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava.  By clearing the way for Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman, they won the battle against their own party only to lose to their mutual opponent.

Armey, himself, lent his voice to a robo-call that rang the phones of “25,000 targeted households” in an attempt to get out the conservative vote.  Armey and his “grassroots” organization are the same folks who rained on the libertarians’ “tea parties” last April.  FreedomWorks, bolstered by enthusiastic support from FOX News Channel, hijacked the anti-tax protests and perverted them into  Obama-will-destroy-America hate fests.

Had Hoffman won the NY-23 seat, conservatives would have declared it a validation of their efforts to steer the GOP further right.  With victory going to Bill Owens, the right wing of the Republican Party — many of whom no longer associate themselves with the GOP — will assign blame upon their centrists.  Either way, they’re marginalizing their moderates.

Progressive journalist David Corn summed it up hours before the polls closed in New York in less than 140 characters:

Good news if Hoffman wins in NY-23, GOP civil war will continue. Good news if Hoffman loses, GOP civil war will continue.

(more below the clip)

Frankly, I found it surprising that Hoffman came as close to winning as he did:  45 percent of the vote to Owens’ 49.  Armey, Palin, Pawlenty, and the campaign funds that came with them were outsiders.  Hoffman, himself, didn’t yet reside within the district he ran to represent.

The presence of Armey and his ilk exacerbated the perceived importance of this congressional contest.  The spectacle of the GOP eating itself heightened the profile of the NY-23 special election among Tuesday’s, already media-hyped contests.  Considering those factors, I can’t help but think that the residents of NY-23 resented the attention that tends to accompany Armey’s traveling right-wing circus. That, at least in part, contributed to Owens’ victory.  Their objection to a moderate Republican candidate — Scozzafava, incidentally, still  got 5 percent of the vote — helped turn a traditionally red congressional seat, blue.

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Jessica Pieklo, “The Conservative Canary in New York.” Care2 Political Causes Blog, 2 November 2009.

Image via flickr.com user - K3nna, via CreativeCommons.org


Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y5 years ago

Dick Armey is leading an army of dicks.

Abo Ahmed r.
Abo r6 years ago


Antonio M.
Antonio Mendes6 years ago

America is spending your blood and your money in wars, such as the Afghanistan and the Iraq wars...


Antonio M.
Antonio Mendes6 years ago

America is spent your blood and your money in wars, such as the Afghanistan and the Iraq wars...

Danann L.
Danann L.6 years ago

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Danann L.
Danann L.6 years ago

America is finished. Self-inflicted wounds and a rotten core. It's only a matter of time...

Thomas S.
7 years ago

OK, an intelligent answer. Now, the non-profit running the public option should be instituted how without the help of the government? How can a brand new non-profit combat fraud better than the government can?

Roger H.
.7 years ago

The government does not need to run the public option. It can be run more efficiently by a non profit organization that specializes in health care. Our federal government has enough problems with Medicare and Medicaid fraud (between $250 and $300 billion dollars a year) that they need to stop before they can convince me that they are capable of administering a public option plan that could just give the opportunity to multiply government run health care fraud if money isn't directed for fraud prevention and prosecution of the abusers in all government run health care programs.

Thomas S.
7 years ago

Barack Obama wasn't "complaining" about Bush during the campaign, he was harnessing America's anger at the Bush administration's failed policies to get elected. It worked. If President Obama keeps reminding us of the horrors of the previous administration, it's because his critics have been whining about how he hasn't fixed the country yet, in less than a year.

Obama didn't just inherit "unfinished business and a deficit" as you put it, he inherited a deficit so monumental that it doubled our national debt in only 8 years. That's right, more spending than all the previous Presidents combined. He also inherited an economy on the verge of complete collapse (and like it or not, his methods have prevented that collapse), and not one, but two wars....... one which should have been finished years ago with Bin Laden either dead or in custody, and another one which never should have been foght in the first place.

You say you don't think the government should run the new public option, well then who should? Private corporations who take a full one third of your premiums as profit? Who?

Antonio S.
Antonio Mendes7 years ago

To me the question here, is not around the politicians, it doesn't meter to me if they are Republicans, or Democrats! I'm not American and I don't lives in the USA. To me, the important is if they are making the right thing! And in watt concerns the Ambient and the Energy, they are making the good choices. If they are using the other's good ideas, they are in the right way!