Canadian Government Quietly Guts Planned Parenthood Funding

A stunning declaration was made by a Conservative MP running for re-election over the weekend, the Toronto Star reported: that thanks to lobbying by MPs and petitions from pro-life groups, the Harper Government has quietly decided to stop providing any funding to Planned Parenthood.

The remarks were made during a speech by Brad Trost, Conservative Party of Canada incumbent for Saskatoon-Humboldt, to the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association’s Annual Meeting on Saturday. Trost claimed that petitions and other measures undertaken by pro-life groups had a significant impact on the Government’s decision to deny the funding to the International Planned Parenthood Foundation (IPPF), speaking as if the decision was a done deal. The Liberal Party of Canada obtained an audio copy of the speech which they then forwarded to the Toronto Star and Le Devoir. Trost himself had launched a petition to deny funding to the IPPF in 2009, stating that the IPPF “promotes the establishment of abortion as an international human right and lobbies aggressively to impose permissive abortion laws on developing nations.

The IPPF provides a wide range of health and reproductive care services such as access to birth control, education, screening, prenatal care as well as abortion. Denying funding to a widely respected international organization that provides these services would fly in the face of Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s Maternal Health Initative. When the initiative was announced, Harper hoped to win favour with Canadians by helping women in need across the world. Instead, he came under fire for not including abortion as a legitimate health care requirement in the developing world, and for appearing to stand for a different policy at home vs abroad.

According to the Toronto Star, IPPF has not been notified of the decision to deny them funding, ending a relationship that has gone back for decades. Instead, they have been met with stony silence for over a year from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), who has been accused of making funding decisions based on ideology and political pressure rather than sound public policy before.

With this disturbing revelation, it has to be asked: What is the Conservative Party of Canada’s true goal when it comes to abortion and women’s rights? If they truly believe that cutting funding to Planned Parenthood is what Canadians want, why delay and hide the decision for over a year? And if it’s perfectly OK to deny access to health care services in the developing world simply because they offer safe and legal abortion as an option to those who need it, will their next target be access to safe and legal abortion in Canada?

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Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rogers12 days ago

Thank you for sharing.

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rogers12 days ago

Thank you for sharing.

Shelly Smith
Shelly Smith5 years ago

Tara S-your right, I'd love nothing more than to see an increase in infants dumped in dumpsters or left to rot in their own filth while the parents take a few more hits off the crack pipe. What a lucky child they'll be!!! I'm SURE they'll be happy to be alive. PP doesn't just handle abortions you twit, if you dont like abortion then go after abortion alone (& send everyone your address so they can ship all neglected or drug addicted babies directly to you since your such a saint), dont go after an entire organization that handles 99.8% education, birth control, etc for the 2% of abortions they do. I'm not "all for" abortion but you anti-choice nazis are insane!!!

Tara S.
Tara S.5 years ago

Abortion is horrible and disgusting. I hope it not only is no longer funded, but becomes obsolete! People say that it's "pro choice"... well what about the BABY who isn't being given a choice to live? And YES they are a baby even before they are fully developed!! If planned parenthood was just providing education etc, without doing abortions, then I would be all for them getting funding. but abortions are just wrong, It's murder! Life begins at conception, not when the child leaves the mother

Carol Smith
Carol Smith5 years ago

If Canada's population is growing alarmingly and her leaders know and are concerned, they should let the public all know it. If Planned Parenthood is somehow not right, either they need to sort out what is wrong and rewrite this or that, or replace it with a whole new and better program, though the general concept is pretty sound. I think we should try to encourage the hotblooded kids to PLAN parenthood and see that accidents do not often happen. Note what goes wrong every time, in honest fact, and take steps to see it becomes obsolete. Everywhere we face this problem.

Danny W.
Danny Wilson5 years ago

Did the people of Canada vote for defunding?

Trudy C.
T. C.5 years ago

I resent done under the table to avoid the gaze of the voter. How dare a supposedly democratic government treat its citizens so disrespectfully & deceitfully. This kind of sneakiness is unnerving, making one wonder just what else is such a government pulling off while avoiding the awareness & input of the public. A slippery slope. I would worry!

Diane Wayne
Past Member 5 years ago


Patricia N.
Patricia N.5 years ago

I voted early and I voted for the NDP. It was them or the Greens. I hope every Canadian who commented here has voted early or will vote.

As far as the abortion issue(as I've stated before on Care2), it is a religious issue and I don't think anyone should push their religious views on me.

Patricia N.
Patricia N.5 years ago

I sure hope we get this man voted out completely. He seems to be a U.S. wannabe. He should leave the country and move there. He never really answers questions....just beats around the bush. We used to have decent people in the old Conservative Party until they formed this new neo-conservative party a few years ago. Since then the country has gone downhill.