Dispatches From The War On Women: Forget The Kids, Get The Nuns!


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Should we be surprised to learn that the same man who perpetuated and enabled the abuse of hundreds of thousands of children by Catholic priests is also the architect of the Vatican’s doctrinal crack-down on American nuns? No. We shouldn’t. Nor should we be surprised that the other Vatican officials backing the disgraced former Cardinal Bernard Law were also ushered out of the United States and given refuge in Rome because they were considered too radical for American Catholics. Can we finally stop pretending that the leadership of the Church is anything other than a criminal enterprise worthy of a RICO prosecution?

Another criminal organization worthy of a RICO prosecution? Operation Rescue. The only problem is the state of Kansas may be in cahoots with the anti-choice radicals making meaningful prosecution at the state level an impossibility. Time to call in the feds.

Apparently we’ve got it all wrong. There’s no war on women, there’s a war on men going on right now. And the proof: look at all those lady doctors, and athletes running around!

Tuesday was primary night in many states, resulting in a slew of bad news for women. Progressive Democrat Kathleen Falk lost her bid to take on Gov. Scott Walker (R) in the Wisconsin recall elections in June. The loss is a disappointment but the larger goal remains: ousting Walker in four weeks.

Meanwhile North Carolina voters passed their hateful Amendment 1.

In Iowa, the judges who were ousted over that state’s same-sex marriage battle received the JFK Courage Award, and rightly so, though it’s a sad statement that simply doing one’s job in the Iowa judiciary and not bending to political whims is considered extraordinary.

Republicans filibustered a bill that would prevent student loan rates from doubling in June, because if there’s one thing college graduates need in a stagnant economy it’s a crushing debt burden.

Republicans also pushed 300,000 children off free and reduced lunch programs (despite increased enrollment due to need) to preserve military spending. You know, priorities.

Speaking of Republican priorities, the American public is still solidly behind abortion access despite an inability of Republicans to affirmatively legislate anything but abortion restrictions.

OSHA is finally recognizing that housekeeping is hard, and sometimes dangerous, work.

This story is just weird and definitely creepy. A former Georgia candidate for governor has asked his wife to move to New Zealand so that he can be with “his” children, babies conceived thanks to his anonymous sperm donations.

One more before we go. Jessica Valenti made me cry with this tribute to MCA and his evolution from boy to feminist ally, husband and father.

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Photo from Clinton Steeds via flickr.


Huber F.
Huber F4 years ago

When the keepers of faith chose torment over righteousness they chose to depreive a society for its potential. Are the nuns aware of their how to improve the grief stricken?


Beth M.
Beth M4 years ago

...time these chains were broken once and for all...x

Pamela H.
Pamela H4 years ago

It seems the Vatican can make up the rules as they go along. Once we were told that if we weren't baptized we'd go to Purgatory. Now the Pope says there's no such place as purgatory, simply because he says so. (Not that I believe in any of that stuff). However, my question is: What about all the mothers who believed, and lost a baby at birth, then grieved for their souls for all these years. Once again women suffer at the hands of this outmoded, patriachal oligarchy, the Vatican.

Roger Monk
Past Member 4 years ago


Wrong again, Vatican. Try getting something right for once.

See, you're supposed to kind of make the world a better place. But all you do is try and turn the clock back to some time that none of want to live in.

How about coming up with some ideas that make people think "Hey, that's good." It's long shot, but it just might work.

lis Gunn
lis Gunn4 years ago

Juanita G. You are obviously very kind and charitable believing that it is the God in me (and others) who do good in the world but that is a nonsense. There are millions of unacknowledged good people in the world who eschew Christianity and other religious dogmas, yet perform good deeds everyday. Equally, there are sanctimonious, pious catholics who are cold blooded, ruthless who seem to get satisfaction from telling us we will all go to Purgatory or Hell. Patronising and condescending in the extreme.

I would prefer to rely on the goodness of humanity rather than on the misogynistic, homophobic despots who are "praying for the sins of the world". perhaps you might read up on the Spanish Inquisition and the Catholic Church before Luther (the granting of indulgences, et al).

lis Gunn
lis Gunn4 years ago

Well said, Pamela H. I don't know if you caught the recent televised debate between Dawkins and Cardinal Pell but it was so very one sided. On the one hand, a churchman who could demonstrate or prove nothing while on the other hand a rational humanist who attempted to argue logically.

personally, I love fairy tales and myths and legends as in the Greek and Roman ones. (Probably as some people like science fiction. I also think it important that the Bible stories are read as they do give us some basis for the Christian Judaic view of history and our understanding of literature (as in Biblical, classical and literary allusions) However to pin one's whole existence and reason for being on such fictions is to be foolish in the extreme)
Cardinal Pell did acknowledge that "good" people can enter the "Kingdom of Heaven" even if they did not "believe". Sadly these days the Catholic Church seems to be more focussed on obedience and profits rather than on charity and poverty. The Church in NSW is a trust entity which apparently means that victims of priest instigated child abuse cannot legally sue for compensation. Wonderful, ain't it?

Pamela H.
Pamela H4 years ago

The church's method of labelling 'outsiders' as evil, has never changed.

Pamela H.
Pamela H4 years ago

Juanita G, it's very sad how people like yourself, who mean well, have been so brainwashed all their lives, that they sincerely believe in invisible beings like a god and devils. If you have lived your life surrounded by others who have also been fooled into believing in this stuff then it is very difficult to see outside the bubble. I am a survivor of religion. I realise that it's a comfort to some to have such beliefs, but truly the world is not going to implode once you realise it's all fairy tales and superstition left over from a time when most humans were illiterate and uneducated. I'm not saying that you are those things but these stories have been handed down from that dark era.
There will always be good people and bad people, but it's not because of whether they believe in a god and a devil that makes them so. It's usually either genetic or due to their upbringing. The abused often become abusers etc. I highly recommend Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion. He makes a lot of sense, and answers questions that Catholic schooling could never answer for me. But be prepared, you will be told by the pious in your circle that Mr Dawkins is the devil, just like every other scientist or author that they don't want people to learn about. The book-burners will try to stop you from reading it. Religious philosophy is 'Keep them ignorant and they will follow'. And everything outside what they want you to know will be labelled as 'evil', and 'the work of the devil'. That has ne

Juanita Gilboricard
Juanita Ricard4 years ago

Pamela said you do not need god to do right. Oh but, my Dear, there is no good outside of God. When one does good for others it is only God in them that prompts them to do good. Our righteousness is as filthy rags compared to His righteousness.

Juanita Gilboricard
Juanita Ricard4 years ago

When will people realize that our war is not with people or groups or governments, but our war is a spiritual one. Satan and his host go around seeking whom they may devour. If more people would put their trust in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and quit battling with each other, you would see a big difference in this world. People do not use self discipline, they give in to the lusts of the flesh instead of using good judgment and saying NO to the wrong. The devil cannot MAKE a person do wrong, he can only tempt them. Sin is a choice you make because you either do not care or you are ignorant of the right or you just don't have the gumption to choose the right. But you have a choice and if you make the right choice God will give you strength to stand by it.