Dispatches From The War On Women: Hillary 2016?

Welcome to Dispatches, your round-up of the latest news from the frontlines of the War on Women. Have a story from your state or an idea on how to push back? Share them here and fight back against the War on Women.

A New Hampshire bill would punish doctors who do not inform women that having an abortion increased their risk of developing breast cancer with up to 15 years in prison. This is a big deal for a couple of reasons. One, there is no link between breast cancer and abortion, so the law mandates doctors give women medically inaccurate information to try and influence their decision to abort. Two, the bill still requires doctor lie to women, it’s just that the lie is no longer a felony. And three, the rest of the bill is still really bad.

Arizona takes up another abortion ban. This one would prohibit abortions after twenty-weeks, no matter the exception. Should it pass and be enacted it would bring the state one step closer to an attempted outright criminal abortion ban.

Robin Marty cuts right to the chase here asking if Republicans are so sure the “War on Women” will hurt Democrats, why are they trying to co-opt the talking point?

Not only are Republicans at the state-level trying to shield doctors from medical malpractice claims if they lie to women to dissuade them from having an abortion, they’re trying to limit malpractice claims in general at the national level.

Here’s the good news. The push-back is paying off. In Idaho another trans-vaginal ultrasound bill that seemed a certain pass is all but dead.

The first of our reader-suggested stories tells how, in Alabama, the grass-roots opposition to the legislative attacks on women’s rights is not only growing, it’s bi-partisan. There’s nothing better than starting this feature off with a story of the Care2 community impacting change in their communities.

Gloria Feldt makes the case for why so many women are speaking up (hint: one part has to do with the severity and nature of the legislative attacks).

Media Matters for America continues the pressure on perpetual offender Rush Limbaugh with an ad campaign aimed at getting Limbaugh off the air.

Finally, Sen. Mikulski gets some well-deserved recognition as the longest serving woman in Congress and the calls for a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign are just getting started.

Hillary 2016. Just think about it.

Dispatches will be back Monday with another round-up of the latest news and commentary on the War on Women. So long as the battle rages, we’ll cover it so please check back!


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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ4 years ago

Richard: Capitalism has beaten us in the ass. Money money and poor government leadership failure to control large corporations greed, which is fueled by stock holder greed for more money. Government failure to pass laws to stop out sourcing our industrail base is the major contributor and in fact converted us from an industrail nation to a service nation. Low paying service jobs. It's easy to figure out, since large corporations dictate by the power of the buck which leader to select that won't restrict them from out sourcing is the cause of our demise as an industrail nation. And unless we retrive our manfacturing base, we will not return to the good old days as you describe. Greed and more greed and money the most corruptible asset in men hands.

Richard G.
Richard G4 years ago

I was actually going to vote for her in 2008!!! I thought she was the right one for the job then... Obama is a great guy but Hillary had way more experience for the job. Most people are clouded by racism, sex and religion... They need to start focusing on the ones who will do right by the people... As far as I'm concerned, people who are related to any business big or small need to stand clear of politics, they should not be allowed to run... Way too many people in this country are suffering form the decisions being made by these people of greed, the top 1% will soon be the top .5% and you will see more and more in poverty... What the hell happened to this country where everyone had a family, 1 good paying job that supported a family, house, car and a few kids and not one of them was homeless, hungry or without health care??? I want to know??? What happened???

Lee J.
Lee J4 years ago

Run, HIllary, run! We need a president as hard-working AND knowledgeable as she is.

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ4 years ago

Frances: I appreciate your thanks. I try hard to be cordial and constructive in expressing my views. But. all to often I'm in a rush and or exhausted that I bearly have time to recheck my writing and sadly my spell check is not working. So forgive me for my mistakes, but, I enjoy conversing with people like you and many others. We however, and Care 2 must devote endless time to secure women's rights they so richly deserve.

Jon Wilson
Jon ROSS4 years ago

Chelsea for president!

Frances C.
Frances C4 years ago

Lee, and Joe M. You both have very good posts. Hillary Clinton faced her problems with grace and dignity. She saved her family unit. She had a choice and chose the one right for her and her daughter. Bill and Hillary Clinton raised a fine young women. I believe they all love one another, and if Chelsea chooses to have a child they will be wonderful grandparents. The bitter and hateful people should just mind their own business.

Lee Witton
4 years ago

I personally would be thrilled with Alan Grayson in 2016. Well...wait, Russ Feingold would be my first choice with maybe Grayson as VP. I really like and respect Clinton but she says she's getting out of politics once Obama is re-elected because she wants to be a grandmother and a private citizen. I've always loved Russ Feingold because he is a true champion for the middle class, perhaps the best of the best. I've watched his politics for years and what a shame lazy ass people didn't get out and vote in the mid-terms.

Richard T.
Richard T4 years ago

She could very well make a great President!