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Do You Trust the Government? 87% of Americans Don’t

Do You Trust the Government? 87% of Americans Don’t

Americans are seriously lacking faith in the system – in fact, trust in the U.S. government is at an all-time low. According to the latest CNN poll, just 13% of Americans agree that the U.S. government “can be trusted to do what is right always or most of the time.”

Instead, nearly everyone (75%) says that the government works properly just “some of the time,” a troubling figure. Certainly, a healthy, functioning democracy would not brew so much distrust amongst its population.

“The number who trust the government all or most of the time has sunk so low that it is hard to remember that there was ever a time when Americans routinely trusted the government,” said Keating Holland, the head of CNN Polling.

This is a notable departure from the legitimate trust that existed decades ago. Through the 1960s, Americans held favorable opinions toward the government. The majority of respondents in the ‘60s said they trusted the government “always or most of the time.”

That all changed when the Watergate scandal struck. By 1974, only 36% of Americans expressed good faith in the government. That number has never rebounded above 50% since then, with one prominent exception: the period immediately following the September 11 attacks in 2001. While the outpouring of collective patriotism resulted in an upswing in the figures temporarily, the numbers have dropped steadily since, presumably impacted in part by the U.S.’s hasty decision to declare war with Iraq, a country uninvolved in 9/11.

Speaking of Watergate, in conjunction with the scandal’s 40th anniversary, CNN also polled Americans about their feelings on Watergate. The age gap on this issue is quite telling. Americans over the age of 40 declared Watergate a major problem, while those under 40 labeled the incident politics as usual. Of course, the fact that younger American citizens are collectively shrugging at Watergate isn’t a sign that they view that sort of behavior as acceptable. More accurately, it reflects the growing distrust toward the government and the belief that underhandedness like Watergate is standard practice in modern politics.

In addition to government-related questions, the poll asked Americans whether they had faith in the private sector. The amount of Americans who trust corporations is similarly abysmal: just 17%. That said, the correlation between these low fingers isn’t altogether surprising considering that the unholy alliance between corporations and U.S. politicians prompts many Americans to look at them as essentially the same entity.

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12:49PM PDT on Aug 25, 2014

Exactly on target Frank exactly. My day and I were talking about that very thing just the other day. That way they can have slacve labor even though slavery is “illegal".

4:58PM PDT on Aug 23, 2014

Actually Robert, the "Company Store" in the "Company Towns" will become really big again

After all, when "da gubberment" is out, you know the one we can elect in and out, one not so "civic minded" will take over

Oh sure, they'll have positions for everyone, just bend over and assume the position the company bosses want you to get in, now

3:43PM PDT on Aug 23, 2014

LOLOLOLOLOL Frank. Nope…..but the corporations sure as hell would have a field day. Then sarah and the res tof us would be working too many hours a day to be on blogs.

7:24AM PDT on Aug 23, 2014

@ Sarah: So if the US Federal Government were to pull, back, the citizens would be free to do as they will?

Let us read your thoughts on that

5:58AM PDT on Aug 23, 2014

Government needs to get out of our lives! They are trying to run every aspect of them!

10:24AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

Even the supreme court is in on the game. Citizens United has guaranteed that corporations can BUY congress unimpeded now. So WHO is going to vote the practice out Paul? Yes would have to vote out almsot every incumbent. In this day of media manuipulations and gerrymadering that is almsoit impossible. WHY THE HELL DO YOU THONK THEY ARE DOING IT!!!

10:19AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

I said NOTHING whatsoever about government setting prices you reactionary clown.

I said the CORPORATION was and was very happy NOT allowing FREE markets to dictate price. THey were NOT going to buckles under to the consumer!! How the HELL you got government control out of that is beyond me.

I would LOVE for the government to be answerable to the people. Many of the corproations do NOT agree. My point with the game maker swas simply showing that free markets dont exist controlled markets DO. Supply and demand are being negated. They can now afford to ourlast us if we choose to punsih them by not buying their prouder. What you do with your company doesnt matter to me Paul.
But if companies are gaming the system or simply refusing to let the market decide then it is NOT a free market and it is NOT what we used to have as far as capitalism goes. If we didnt like what a company was doing or thought their price was outlandish then we didnt buy and they starved to death. it is NOT that way anymore. THAT was my point. I said NOTHING whatsoever about the government controlling prices.

10:10AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

EXACTLY what Teddy Roosevelt told us would happen.CORPORATE FASCISM is the problem. NOT just siimply the government.!! When you blame jsut the government you are playing the Oligarcys game.

10:09AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

Kstreet writes most ALL the legislation Paul. Thats why congressmen going RIGHT from their present job TO K street are important and sooooo well compensated. So in effect they DO write their own legislation. Try seeing the REAL world Paul instead of you idelogical fantasy land.

CONGRESSS is NEVER going to shrink Paul. Its never going away. It cant be shrunk!!!
When peoople whine government needs to be smaller they CANT mean congress. Becasue congress is NOT going to shrink. And if they cant pollute washington with their money they will pollute LOCAL and STATE governments…..and all the while they are polluting US directly with the media…..making us hate and distrust the government.
Making us hate and distrust untions. making us hate higher miimum wages. making us HATE anyrthing that doesnt make them wealthier. The cancer in this country STARTS at the top. CONGRESS is no longer the top. The Oligarchy is!!!!

I would LOVE to get the graft out of the government Paul…….unfortunately WE ddont get to vote on whjether graft is here or not……Only congress does and they LOVE it!!
Corprorations have legions of lawyers to keep relentless pressure on congress. THis is all much more complicated than jsut point at the government. THis is what I have been saying. Corprorations have finally gotten so bnig and so wealthy they can push entire nations around all by themselves. EXACTLY what Teddy Roosevelt told us would happen.CORPORATE F

10:08AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

So now you want to set prices for companies selling their products??? Is that not their right to sell at whatever price they want. I make computer systems for Government and commercial applications. I definitely don't want someone telling me I have to lower my price because I either 1 make too much off of it, or two, it is too expensive for everyone to buy. That is ridiculous. Who sets that price??? Some government agency that has no idea about economics or running a business. All most politicians know is how to fleece their constituents.

They are the LAST people I want regulating what I can sell my products for. Talk about opportunities for crony capitalism... that is about the worst.

You want a game that I produce, then you pay my price. If you can't afford it, and it means that much to you, then find a way to afford it. If you want to commit piracy, then be willing to accept the consequences of that. If another company wants to create a game and sell it for less to increase market share, then that is their choice as well. It isn't up to DC to determine how I run my business.... that is assuming crony capitalism isn't still the rule of the day.

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