Dog’s Recovery after a Machette Attack


Written by Patricia Faulstich of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Playa Animal Rescue is located in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  The need for animal rescue, rehabilitation and re homing of the street dogs here is enormous and this is just one case of saving an animal in need.

On the evening of May 9th, our volunteers Sarah Sanderson and Christine Jodoin were finishing up their duties at the shelter, when there was a pounding at the gate. Opening the gate, there stood a woman and her two sons and a dog that had obviously been attacked with a machete. They had a towel on the dog’s head and the animal could barely stand. Sarah and Christine rushed the dog, which we have since named Fuerte (meaning “strong” in Spanish) to the veterinarians. The vets were outraged as this is something that they have seen before. They made her comfortable, and planned surgery for the morning.

During her surgery, the vets discovered that the machete had penetrated skin, muscle and skull, damaging her sinus cavities. No one was sure what the outcome would be for Fuerte, or what, if any, permanent damage there would be. We all hoped for the best.

An Amazing Recovery

The very next day, she was on her feet and eating. Fuerte is a bit wary of strangers, which is very understandable, but she is slowly learning to trust again with the help of Playa Animal Rescue members and volunteers. She’s a happy girl with a lot of energy. We look forward to the day when she can find a happy, loving home. Her survival of the attack is nothing short of a miracle. Charges were never filed against anyone, as no one admitted to seeing anything.

Playa Animal Rescue is dedicated to helping the homeless, starving and abused animals in this area. If Fuerte found the strength to recover from such trauma, just imagine what miracles await others like her. Visit the Playa Animal Rescue website or Facebook page .

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Ruth S
Ruth Sabout a month ago


Peggy B
Peggy Babout a month ago


Isabella Slominska
Isabella Slominskaabout a year ago

Thank God for the Playa Animal Rescue and the kind souls helping to save the poor abused animals. Get well and stay strong Fuerte and may you now have a wonderful life, away from suffering.

Ake Lindberg
Ake L1 years ago

Well done all rescuers!

Tony L.
Away L1 years ago

Well done to the wonderful people who helped rescue Fuerte and curses to the sad examples of human life who inflicted the pain

Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson1 years ago

This rescue is amazing! Kudos to them for their wonderful work, and damn the evil person who did this to Fuerte😡

Fi T.
Past Member 2 years ago

We can't torture our friends

Kamia C.
Kamia T2 years ago

Glad to hear that the poor pup is pulling through. Whatever jerk did this to her, I hope they have no problems with receiving a similar treatment, because that's what tends to happen in life.

elsa mossberg


Glennis Whitney
Glennis W2 years ago

So glad she Fuerte is doing so well and in safe hands now.