Domestic Terror Campaign In Georgia May Be Working

The domestic terror attacks at women’s health clinics appear to have done the trick as the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Atlanta doctors who participated in debate over a series of controversial new abortion restrictions believe they were specifically targeted for reprisals and having second thoughts about speaking out in the future.

Of course that’s a problem since abortion restrictions are all but certain to come up at the Capitol again next year and an absence of dissent from the medical community in the face of violence and intimidation only emboldens the right to take bolder, more violent action in the future. Doctors who headed to the Capitol to testify said they do not perform abortions, but they were greatly concerned with the impact the bill would have on women with troubled pregnancies. The doctors said some conditions fatal to a fetus cannot even be diagnosed until after 20 weeks.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Dr. Jeffrey Korotkin says anti-abortion activists are behind a campaign of intimidation. Korotkin was set to testify at the same public hearing that Zane attended. Korotkin, who specializes in treating women with high-risk pregnancies, changed his mind about returning to the Capitol this year after his office received a deluge of threatening phone calls in the days leading up to the hearing. The calls stopped, he said, after he decided against testifying.

“I cannot believe anyone other than them [anti-abortion activists] has targeted the offices of people who did come down there, and targeted our [Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological] Society’s main office,” Korotkin said. “Who else would do it, and why?”

Another break in, this one at the Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society occurred the weekend before a Senate committee was to discuss amending the bill to continue to keep private the names of physicians who have to report abortions to the state. The society’s executive director, Pat Cota, had lobbied openly at the Capitol for the physicians’ privacy to remain protected. The intruders bypassed three laptop computers, but stole two laptops in the executive director’s office that stored the names and addresses of doctors.

Republican lawmakers and anti-choice activists condemn the action and swear they did nothing to incite it. And I suppose this is true if we consider they did nothing that except force through a controversial anti-abortion bill designed to inflame passion and bring out the hard right base, equate the practice of medicine with intentional homicide.

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Photo from Seattle Municipal Archives via flickr.


Karen Howard
Karen H.4 years ago

If these threats & attacks were carried out against a church or school or political group, they would be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It appears women don't fall into any of those groups.
Dawn D, what makes killing adults (or threatening to do so) worse than abortion? This isn't just about abortion, it's a terrorist act (as defined by law), and should be treated as such.
And what about businesses in the same buildilngs or complex as an abortion clinic? Other people may be injured, maimed or killed because some terrorist decides killing adults is more justified than "killing children". I know of several clinics located in the same strip malls as health food stores, pet stores, veterinarians, etc. What about the people visiting those businesses when some domestic terrorist decides to bomb it?

Sharon Beth Long
Sharon Beth Long4 years ago

I have been a right-to-lifer for close to thirty years (and I am not a Christian incidentally). However, I deplore any intimidation tactic of health professionals. Prolifers may believe that they are saving lives in the short run. However, this will backfire because so many people will be turned off to the prolife cause that it will ultimately lead to more abortions.
The way to decrease abortion is to do what we did with the anti smoking campaign. We need a massive educational campaign on the biology of fetal development, non abortifiacient methods of birth control, the emotional aspects of sex and in certain areas of the country destigmatize out of wedlock pregnancy.
More importantly we need much better social services, welfare, subsidized housing, subsidized day and after school care, government employment etc. Although this will be very expensive most Americans will support it. Most Americans believe that abortion is at least somewhat immoral but current conditions they are afraid not to have the option available to themselves.
The overwhelming majority of women have abortions not because they have a choice but because they do not have a choice. If women had choices that were TRULY viable they would be much less likely to choose abortion.

Sharon Beth Long
Sharon Beth Long4 years ago

As someone who has been active in the anti abortion movement for close to thirty years (and I'm not a Christian by the way) I wholeheartedly condemn the intimidation of doctors although in the short run it may save a few unborn children's lives. It creates too much rancor and backlash and will undoubtedly increase contributions to prochoice organizations which will ultimately cause more kids to be aborted.
The way to decrease abortion is to follow what we did with the anti smoking campaign. We need a massive educational and propaganda campaign for non abfortifacient birth control the biology of fetal development, and sex ed including the emotional implications of sex. In addition and more importantly we need every possible support to enable women to have and keep their childen. This means much better social services, welfare subsized housing health care day and after school care government employment etc.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

Dawn-and god I am so tired of people trying to control other women's bodies. If you are against abortion, do not have one, but keep your laws out of other women's bodies.

Oh by the way you know what I am "over already"? Gutless, cowardly terroritst trying to take away the constitutional rights of women through crime, intimidation, and murder.

Dawn D.
Dawn D.4 years ago

i'm so tired of hearing women cry about their right to kill their kids. i'm over it already

Dawn D.
Dawn D.4 years ago

i'm so tired of hearing women cry about their right to kill their kids. i'm over it already

Barb Hamerlind
Barbara H.4 years ago

It appears the domestic terrorists are simply no longer wearing white robes and pointy hoods

JACarlton Author
jill c.4 years ago

Sandy E. Please return to school until you have at least finished the third grade. Your spelling and punctuation are atrocious. (that means really awful.)

May you reap what you sow three fold.

Yvonne B.
Yvonne Baker4 years ago

To Kaelyn H, I wish I could give you a huge bouquet of roses. Thank Goddess there's someone like you to do the escorting. Keep up the good work.

Suzy D.
Reverend Suzy D.4 years ago

...In which case, the ANTI-terrorism campaign in Georgia needs to start working too !