Don’t Like Muslims? You Must Be A Fox News Viewer

Think Muslims are slowly taking over the country?  Worried that they might impose some sort of sharia law?  Positive that the President may even be a secret Muslim, or at least harbor some sympathies to the religion?

A new study says that you’re probably someone who watches Fox News.

Via Think Progress:

As highlighted by the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent, a new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute reveals “a significant correlation between trust in Fox News and negative attitudes about Muslims. The study’s authors conclude:

Americans who most trust Fox News are more likely to believe that Muslims want to establish Shari’a law, have not done enough to oppose extremism, and believe investigating Muslim extremism is a good idea.

Indeed, more than twice as many Republicans who most trust Fox News think Muslims want to establish Sharia law in the U.S. as Republicans who trust other media outlets — 41 percent of Fox viewers compared to just 23 percent of other Republicans.

As Sargent notes, “we’ll never know whether Fox watchers harbor these views because they watch Fox, or whether they watch Fox because they harbor these views.”

Apparently Fox viewers are now no longer just more misinformed about facts than the average news watcher — they’re more Islamophobic, too.

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wchi wink
.4 years ago

This doesn't surprise me....

Jean P.
Jean Potts4 years ago

"Xinans" shows your prejudice.. Who are you to comment about prejudices.
CHRISTIANS--- get it? We believe in CHRIST..
Are Mohammad believers 'Madians' ? dumbanddumber I have no reservation about saying the name Mohammad----- do you? Annmarie... you are a wee bit hypocritical... And yes... Do watch Fox news so you can see and hear and watch what is REALLY going on in our country . Fair and Balanced... (if you don't watch it you will never understand what 'free thinking' is really all about. )

Kheir A.
Kheir A.4 years ago

Too many ignorant humans leaving comments proof of ignorance. Not surprised!

Lori H.
Lori H4 years ago

Xtians? What is that? Do you mean Christians?

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin4 years ago

Don't watch Fox News. But I have several years of experience in what islam and muslims are about and can say that I fear a take-over by both the xtians and muslims. Sharia laws are a reality in Western countries as they are used in the mosques. As I said, I also fear xtians, because of their hateful and violent message and actions. Norway has suffered tremendously since July 22, 2011 at the hands of an xtian terrorist. Clinics have been bombed, doctors murdered and builings blown up by xtians, just as muslims have done the same. I don't want a take-over by neither religion. If you want to engage in beliefs in mythology, keep it to yourself. Do not push it down my throat and do not expect a hand-out from the tax payers!

Nil D.
Nil Djdjdj4 years ago

By the way if they try to do turkey like iran or suudi arabia i would prefer to die instead of living that i think i dont like islam but not the,dad they r all muslims how can i dislike them :) but humanism comes before religion for us so hate the fanatics

Ryder W.
Ryder W4 years ago

i don't watch Fox news. i didn't dislike the islam religion until i learned about the sexism, mutilation, and ritualistic child abuse they promote.

Nil D.
Nil Djdjdj4 years ago

İ live in turkey the only muslim country without sheria.i cant say i m muslim 0 i m closer to angosticism and i sometimes cant believe the things that written in quran.the most thing that i hate is,they say women has to use a scarf to hide her hair or cant wear mini skirt blabla but men r free..i just say if there s a god,it migjt not be as idiot as to be busy with my hair :D so i sometimes believe that book is written by people a long long time ago.maybe it s same for other books too..who may know?but even i hate fanatic muslims,i m not agree that all of them r terorists.killing people,being sycopat doesnt have any relation with religion its just about character.we know how does u.s.a supports terorism in turkey,they give weapon to terorism doesnt have religion,doesnt have last,i wanna add something,as u know our principle!!'s wife uses that stupid thing on her head but we dont have to use that,turkey is free about religious rules

christopher KLINGER

I dislike (hate) FOX NEWS, i dislike religion and for what i can see, Islam is today the worst of the mainstream religions. Islam is just another form of fascism and of extreme backwardness. It make me often think of the republican's

I vote green !

Michael A.
Michael A5 years ago

Christopher F,
Sure, NOT ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS, I agree, just that over 90% of the terrorist attacks have been committed by Muslims and not Christians who remain a tiny minority there. These days you say something about the Muslims and you immediately receive comparisons Christians, as if we can put Islamic worldwide terrorism on the same level.

And, no, Islam is not a religion of peace and tolerance, never was and never will be. Maybe the Christians were no better ages ago but the fact remains that Islam is still anchored in the middle ages with barbaric rites and norms largely followed by millions of faithful muslims today. I don't see any peace and tolerance in a religion that calls Jews pigs and others as inferior infidels, that hangs gays, stones women, forces little girls to marry adults, treats women like cattle, approves rape and honor killings, etc.

The difference between Christians and Muslims is basically the difference between the two prophets...Christ preached love and died on the cross while Mohammed preached domination by war and died of old age married to several women including a 9 year old.

What is corrupt here is not only the people who direct a religion but also the very basics of that religion.