Ecology or Economy? Singing the Climate Week Blues.

Ecology or economy? Do we really have to choose?
It’s got me singing the climate week blues.

“Climate Week” – timed to coincide with last week’s UN meetings and the Clinton Global Initiative – left me both excited and dreading the next few months.

The international community is solidly united behind creating a comprehensive climate change agreement, factoring in both economic growth and social justice while setting aggressive targets. As I mentioned last week, even President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao got in on the act. But the US economy is built on fossil fuel consumption, and even the modest reduction targets proposed by the House of Representatives are met with intense resistance.  

I’d rather show than tell in this case, so take a look at the 2 minute YouTube video that ClimatePath put together.

The world needs, and world leaders demand, a 20-25% reduction below 1990 levels by 2020 to avoid the critical 2 degrees (C) threshold, yet such a reduction seems to require changes far above what we’re willing to pursue. The question leading up to Copenhagen climate meetings is: What happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force? We’ll soon find out. 

In the meantime, what are your best two lines of vocals for the climate change blues? Submit additional verses below, and let’s hope it’s a song we don’t have to sing.


LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y.7 years ago

A fundamental truth recognized in the 20th Century is: "The ecology IS the economy".

Without a healthy, renewable resource base, no regional or global economic system can long survive. Some large corporations have even recognized this and are involved in conservation. Without preserving clean air, water and food our highly specialized, technically developed lifestyle is unsustainable and probably doomed.

If the world's leaders were to make a firm committment to sustainable energy and organic farming, it would improve the global economy in the long term as well as our standard of living. Ecology and Economics are inextricably linked disciplines in the struggle to preserve and promote life on Earth.

Tony Groenevingers

To little, to late.
The jokermen do know what to do, but they do also know that they can't change a thing anymore. Due to this, they'll convenient "wisely" keep talking.

Gabriela A.
Gabriela A.7 years ago

(Got The) Earth Climate Blues

The season's are crazy,
They're all out of wack,
Don't know which clothes to
Put on my back,

The Earth is grumblin' and
rumblin' and such,
What we doin' about it?
Unfortunately, Not Much.

People's too greedy,
Money's their dream,
But money'd be worthless
Living under the sea.

We've got to do something
For All who live here,
Take care of our planet
For All life, we hold dear.

Earth climate blues,
Earth climate blues,
What's it gonna take
To Smart Up you fools?

Earth climate blues,
Earth climate blues,
Start taking it seriously
And make Better Rules.

Dragonfly Chase
Dragonfly Chase7 years ago

I'm so scared, the weather's bad
Gonna take every thing I had
Worried 'bout shelter, food, and heat
This climate change bill has got to beat
the current weak legislation they're talkin' bout. Just makes me wanna scream and shout.

Line Llao
.7 years ago

More on the topic :

thank you.

Line Llao
.7 years ago

reduce population growth a overpopulated planet, rely on a local market economy based on a production agriculture, marine breeding, the water savings, light processing. industrial or not, without capitalism in small family business of producer to the consumer or associative, such as cooperatives, principles pillars of the survival of humanity and its democracy.

Line Llao
.7 years ago

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Yeen Dolma
Yeen Dolma7 years ago

Both measures upto equal signifigance, one would be like a stagering end without the other. However i feel that humans are getting far to greedy esp the developed countries. The climate change and global warming is the paramount matter concerning most but yet to some it just seems a deaf remark! But now with the falter of the economy can the coutries reduce their emmisions? If measures not been taken early, the longer the time taken the more likehood of serious damage. in the long run everyone is bound to get affected.
only when the last tree has been cut, the last fish caught and the last river dried will we realize that we cannot eat money!!!